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Keeping Hillary Alive…

The War Room has met… and a Strategy has been crafted.

Beginning last night with Hillary ‘Phoning It In” on Anderson Cooper 360, “this is CNN”, an all out effort was initiated to re-position Hillary’s Health Issues as a matter of Privacy.




Of course, this is a poorly thought out re-hash of “It’s Just Sex!”

The “When you drag a hundred-dollar bill… through a 9/11 memorial service you never know what you’ll find?”  Just doesn’t have the same ring to it.  But I digress.

Here’s how they look at it, they just need seven more weeks. Clinton was able to hold Monica down for almost 2-years. Seven weeks should be easy…

So all her lying about everything… has not been lying, it’s been a sickness.  (While I agree, they will be employing a more physical definition than mine.)

All the lying about her being sick… is only because she covets her Privacy, just as every American does, and she, along with her staff, has just been trying to protect that Sacred Privacy.  It’s CPR at this point.

Here’s what they hope will happen;

Anyone questioning Hillary in any way, Hates Privacy… and Hates Sick People.  You’re Deplorable.  Hater!

I give this about a 4-day life span.

Remember, Hillary doesn’t have fawning fan girls, aside from certain CNN hosts, willing to give her a Lewinsky in admiration of how well she lies for no apparent reason.  Only Bill does… well… did… a couple of decades ago…

(For the record Yes, I know Bill’s admiring fan, ‘Journalist’ Nina Burleigh, wanted to give him a Lewinsky for promising to keep Abortion completely unfettered by any value of life argument.  But since this latest ‘Keep Hillary Alive’ strategy is a mash-up cover of old standards, I think it works.)

If you like to smile… look for the re-positioning attempts by the Liberal talking heads to bring Privacy into the discussion at every turn.

Try making it a drinking game… News can be fun.