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Quick! Say Something Outrageous!

The Press needs something to talk about…

Romney is a Liar!

Romney Cheats!

Romney is an Alien!

Romney ax murdered his entire family!  – Wait… I’m being told they are still traveling with him and you can clearly see they have not been ax murdered… okay then,

Unemployment is 7.8%!


(Update:  If that doesn’t work say Romney Hates Big Bird!)

Because if you don’t, everyone will keep talking about how a guy named Mitt totally destroyed you in that debate.

This is the part of the campaign season where we just start making sh*t up.  It doesn’t matter… even if we are lying about unemployment, or Global Warming, or Evil Republicans wanting to forcefully remove the wombs of virgins, it just doesn’t matter because there’s no time to prove us wrong.  In fact, if we say enough ridiculous crap then the media that cares, what exists of it, will short-circuit on “stupid lies” overload.  The media that doesn’t care will have something other than your mumbling search for a thought that was passed off as a debate.  And… regardless of how profoundly ignorant it is, most of our base will believe it… an added bonus!

So hurry up Barack et al… throw some more fantastic pap out there for public consumption.

It certainly can’t hurt compared to debating the truth… can it?