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What does Smidgen taste like?

Lobster?  Chicken?  Crow?  An Old Shoe?

I ask because it looks like we’re all going to get to experience a lot of it…  ton’s of it in fact.

When President Obama said there “is not even a Smidgen” of corruption in the IRS I think he was regurgitating a line Bill Clinton fed him before he went into the interview.

What he was really saying was there is A Ton of Smidgen. Lot’s and Lot’s of Smidgen.

So get your forks out because there will be a bunch of Smidgen to be eaten.

There is currently an US Congressman and now an US Senator covered in Smidgen. Mr. Cummings and Mr. Levin…

I suggest Elijah and Carl find Aprons and a bottle of Tabasco.  They might ask President Obama, he seems to be most familiar with Smidgen.

(Update: Offline I was informed Smidgen is best Grilled.  Mr. Issa should be enlightened to this suggestion.  It was also suggested serving Smidgen Sandwiches, but I commented that no one likes being forced to eat a Smidgen Sandwich… especially after a being Grilled.)




Rush or Levin Moderating Debates?

Holy Crap!

There is genuine fear out there.

The fear is that Rush Limbaugh or Mark Levin might be considered as Moderators for the upcoming Presidential Debates.

So why the Fear?

If what the Liberal Press has always told us about these two, having them on a Nationally Televised Stage should be exactly the Implosion they have been waiting for.

In fact, judging by the rhetoric over the years, It’s the very best thing that could happen.

So again, why the fear?

Simply, giving two of the best communicators a National Stage upon which to vet Presidential Hopefuls is not the best thing that could happen to the Left.

The Left has invested Billions of dollars and countless man hours into the Demonization of Rush alone.

The chance someone who finds it easy to avoid AM radio could encounter Rush on Broadcast Television is a moment of sheer panic for our homegrown Socialists and Leftist Republicans.  That individual might hear these men speak a complete thought without being Told what they said or only hearing a clip on MSNBC.

The reactions tell it all.

If these Men were everything The Main Stream Media have told us they are for years, then the likes of Howard Dean, et al, should be throwing a parade and doing all they can to promote viewership of just such an event.

But that is not what is happening.

The Apoplectic Resistance is educational and illuminating.

Even Silence would make more sense… why should Democrats care if the Republicans are about to destroy themselves?  (I understand the likes of McCain and Boehner being afraid… but Democratic Socialists like Dean?)

But they Care.

They Care a Whole Lot.

Could be a new Self-help book: Progressives that Care Too Much