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Because we know you won’t give up your car…


“The odds of dying in a terrorist attack are a lot lower than they are of dying in a car accident, unfortunately.” – President Barack Obama to Jay Leno.

Please read that again.

But you’ll give up your Freedoms out of fear of Terrorism.  You have made it clear that you are willing to accept the dangers of personal motor vehicle travel in order to remain Free.

If you listen, they’ll tell you what they really think.  Who on earth says “unfortunately”!?  Well, folks like Obama.

Kind of a Dog Whistle that you can actually hear… and has genuine meaning.  Okay, more like a regular old whistle.  Like a train.  Loud.

“But don’t worry… we’re working on the cars too.  We’ve been doing it quietly for years.”

Speaking of trains,

Fear not!  We always have Amtrak!

Let’s hope they don’t ruin that…

Although I think they’re way late to the party.

On the upside, it’s FAR safer because most of the time it’s not moving.

My experiences with Amtrak are similar to sitting in your car… while it’s in the garage… running.


The Geographically Challenged President

For those of us who listen intently, this is old news. However, many of you don’t… and that’s OK to a point. If any of you still cling to the idea that there is not a media bias favoring Liberals, Progressives, Social Democrats etc. then this might be painful for you to read. It serves as an ironic illustration of how any flavor of Socialist is treated versus anyone viewed as opposing them.  (And they admit it.)

All of the things Snake cites are true.  You may need to makeaneffort with your googler… but they are there for all to see, which should lead you to ask “Why haven’t I see these gaffs?”  Good question.