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Smoke Pot!

George Soros spends over $80 Million to legalize Pot in the United States…

This morning at 5am, I sat down at the breakfast table with my Bloody Mary (I was out of Tomato Juice…) and it occurred to me there is a funny thing about Liberals.  They “love” liberty… as long as it doesn’t get in their way.

Here’s what I mean… Liberals cherish your right to smoke marijuana.  I mean CHERISH this right.  But why this “right” and not so many others?

We know they only like free speech as long as they agree with it, and they Hate your right to own a gun…But not theirs of course, because They’re Smarter than You.  They love your right to vote… as long as you don’t have to prove who you are and you can do it over and over again during the same election. Etc. Etc.

So… They seem to love your rights as long as they don’t get in the way of the Socialist Utopia they dream about.

Once you understand it’s really about Progressive Socialism, then it makes sense they would rather have you believe they’re on the side of the “free” because they champion your God-given right to smoke pot!

Do you or someone you know have a younger brother or sister who is “ADHD”?  Did you notice how much easier they were to “manage” after they had taken their Ritalin?  Or how much “nicer” your Significant Other was when they had taken their Xanax?  How I’m almost tolerable after you’ve had a couple of beers?  Well…

How do you stop an entire generation from learning your actually Ridiculous?

It’s frustrating because once most of us graduate from our early twenties and take on the responsibilities life thrusts upon us we start waking up.  Abby Hoffman said it best; “don’t trust anybody over thirty”.  He had good reason to beg his following to be suspicious of grownups.  Abby realized that getting older can be the Antidote for Useful Idiocy.

So back to ‘how do you get them to stop figuring it out and keep them Useful?’  Toke up!  Simple.

As long as they are Stoned, the Useful Idiots remain useful well into their thirties and beyond as they were too busy bowl burning to develop skills necessary to take care of themselves.  Being stoned all the time keeps them in a permanent state of childhood dependency.  Brilliant!  They stop moving out of their parents houses… they play video games all day in the basement… they don’t learn how to socialize with the opposite sex unless that sex is on a computer screen… they can’t hold a job because their boss doesn’t “get” them… even the Government now says you’re a child until your 26th birthday… HOLY CRAP!  IT’S TOO LATE!

So it’s over.  We might as well give up.

Or, we need to demand ALL of our Individual Rights, everyday… with no exceptions… if that includes smoking pot, fine… but no picking and choosing by the Left.

It should be an all or none kinda thing, don’t you think?

Anybody got a Match?



I’m Already Smarter than You…

…so I don’t need to spend any time thinking about stuff. And, I certainly don’t need to consider the possibility that I might be wrong because that would be stupid… and I’m not stupid… you are.

This is the mentality of much of America. You have seen this for yourself.

It hit me when I was looking at a map of the states divided into red and blue representing Republican and Democrat votes for the last election. The very clever caption labeled the Blue states as “America” and the Red states as “Dumbf*ckistan”. I admit, I laughed. But it is a fantastic example of how important it is to Democrats/Liberals/Progressives to tell themselves that they are smarter than you. This delusion is truly the cornerstone of their belief system. It allows them to spend no time thinking while claiming to be the most intelligent person in the room and therefore possessing the moral high-ground in all things.

For those of us who have experienced it we will recognize the following;

I’m smarter than you because I live in… New York, Los Angeles, Portland, Austin, Boston, Maine or any place that has a high density of like-minded Leftists. (In fact, there is a hierarchy of geographic locations which make you instantly brilliant.  It Starts with anywhere OUTSIDE of the United States… Moscow, Paris, London, Rome, Beijing…  Overseas, even for a very brief period, seems to elevate your intelligence above others.  Just a visit appears to count.)

I’m smarter than you because I care more about the environment as demonstrated by… my recycling habit, my hybrid, my bumper stickers, my dreadlocks, my compost pile, my hemp shirt and eating only “organic”.

I’m smarter than you because of my love for animals, except those I don’t like.  You know, the not cute and furry ones.

I’m smarter than you because I believe the existence of humanity, within the United States,  is killing the planet by creating Global Warming… it feels true.

I’m smarter than you because I refuse to debate using reason, and by doing so I “win” every argument.

I’m smarter than you because I listen to my heart… not my brain, which in my case is historically unreliable.

I’m smarter than you because I expect people to cheat on their spouses… and it’s okay.

I’m smarter than you because I went to… Yale, Harvard, Rutgers, Community College etc.  Don’t ask me about my grades though, or try to engage me in your “poorly educated” debate over anything important.

I’m smarter than you because I don’t smoke cigarettes, only marijuana… which is completely different.

I’m smarter than you because I read a lot… kind of… okay, not really but I’ll tell you I do.

I’m smarter than you because I will never verify my “facts”.  And, as long as I don’t check them out they remain “true”.  In the rare instance where I might be wrong… you’re still stupid.  Both have to do with a combination of the uncertainty principle and quantum theory, but you didn’t go to the right school to understand, so never mind.

I’m smarter than you because I’m a “Progressive” which I think means superior, and calling myself that makes me so.

And finally, because I’m smarter than you, I’m better than you.  End of discussion… I win.

So you might as well give up trying to talk to these people… there is no hope, nor should there be an expectation of change. When you base your self-esteem on irrational and irrelevant variables you enjoy an exceptional imperviousness to logic… very Progressive indeed.  It must feel good.

Take a single day and see how many of these folks you can count.  You might be surprised.

(If we could carry around bottles of bourbon this could be a terrific drinking game.  Even better if you didn’t explain to these folks what the game was.  Might be a short day, but I don’t think you’d have to stray too far from home.)

I know this is a repost from 013113… but I just finished watching White House Spokesman Jay Carney and couldn’t help thinking about how stupid I am… and how drunk I should be.