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Barium Memo

Once upon a time in a land with 13 different time zones, a bunch of Horrid Socialists would employ a tactic to determine where and how secrets were leaked…

The Barium Memo.

A specific document was coated with a radioactive isotope and disseminated within a group of suspected leakers. Later the security services would sweep the offices, homes, vehicles, spouses, children, neighbors, park benches, trash cans, supermarket aisles (ha… just a joke… there were no supermarkets. It’s a Socialist Utopia, there were ‘ques’.), etc. etc.

The ‘security’ services were able to figure out who and how information was passed to interested outside parties.

The offending party was then escorted to a Socialist Utopian Hotel Room located in the basement of the Lubyanka… not quite as nice as a Trump hotel…

Here in the United States, we decided that slowing contaminating human beings with radiation should be kept to a minimum, at least. So we adopted what I have now renamed the “BuzzFeed Memo”.

This is the same tactic except for different versions of the story are passed to various suspected parties and then the authorities wait to see where those versions end up.  The trick is it has to be interesting enough to outside parties for them to run with it before any verification can be made. Those interested parties must be willing to act… immediately… haphazardly… for fear they might lose the first place position in what they consider a race for their livelihood.

1.  The information must be explosive.

2.  The information must confirm the interested party’s bias.

3.  The information must support their established agenda.

It appears that Robert Mueller’s Special Council tired of the semi-accurate leaks emanating from his investigation. It seems clear… to me… that erroneous information was passed to certain suspected leakers within the investigation to find the where and how.

It would not shock me that those individuals will find themselves now separated from the investigation… whether it is made public is another question… but given the Council’s quick response to the BuzzFeed story and BuzzFeed’s reporters ‘standing by’ the information, there is little else it could be.

The Memo illustrates the Fake in News, but it also further demonstrates the complete and total take-over of our media outlets by more, newer, horrid Socialists.

All of this is a result of the steady dose of Trump Serum administered to the Media over the last 3-years… and it must continue as we need these people to tell us directly who they are so the American People can understand the poison they represent.

The best part? Think with a Smile… there is an office where sits a lawyer attached to the FBI Special Council Investigation, head in hands, Sh*tting their pants.

It is a Good Day.

Where are the Snowdens when we Need them?

Someone… somewhere… has the 300 page document detailing the Regulations draw up for the Government to control the Internet.

If there were ever a conspiracy, this would be one.

When has the Government EVER run anything efficiently?
When has the Government EVER delivered on their promises… as promised?
When has the Government EVER restrained itself from overreach and political influence?

Why, given this Democratic controlled Executive Branch is the “Most Transparent in History”, is the regulation of the Internet not open to public scrutiny?

The internet is the biggest revolutionary change in communication since the Guttenberg Press, and has been wildly successful exactly because of the absence of the Benevolent Hand of Government.

Or is that the problem?

There is an old adage; Like your uncle on a hunting trip, the government shoots at everything that flies, then takes credit for everything that falls.

The internet does not need Government help.

All of the issues the Left is proposing exist, exist. Such issues will always exist in various forms.

However, because of such issues, brilliant people find or create new technologies to circumvent such problems and allow us to employ…

The Principle of Substitution!

Making the Federal Government (AKA politicians) the ultimate arbiter of all things Internet, which is exactly what is being proposed, simply removes that basic principle.

You’ll get what they say you’ll get and you’ll like it.  You want something different… well, get out your checkbook and start contributing your hard-earned money to your local politician.  Then you can add to your anger over there being ‘too much money in politics’… stop bathing… grab your mac book… buy a Starbucks… misspell a sign… and occupy a park.

Of course… as is consistently being demonstrated with everything from Health Care, Jobs, Hope and Change, etc, the very Young Enlightened Liberals who champion this will be AMAZED when it doesn;t work out the way they thought it would. And they will conveniently forget that WE were out here trying to get the to reconsider their actions before they did it to us… and themselves.