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Hold your Horses there Jonah…

This morning I caught 3-minutes of Jonah Goldberg… who I admire greatly… talking about 8-years of Obama being responsible for Trump as the Republican Candidate for President.

True… to a degree.

However… The Republican Party, in my assessment, holds the largest responsibility for Donald Trump being the Presidential Candidate on the Republican ticket.

It’s not the Democrat Party that floods the field with candidates in order to assure their desired name gets the nod. In other words, just like they did to us with McCain, the Establishment Republicans who control the party apparatus promoted presidential contenders that had no business running so they could dilute the vote enough for JEB! to get the nod.


It backfired on them this time.

Frankly I’m glad it did. I’m tired of watching the Liberal RINO’s front load the primaries on the east coast and keep liberal states’ primary process ‘open’ so the cross-over socialist vote can assist them in getting the candidate of their choice.

So yes, Jonah, the destruction of the Greatest Experiment in Self Government the World has ever known under Obama, and 100-years of his ilk, certainly bares some of the responsibility for a Trump Candidacy.

But so do 80% of the Republicans in office.

A loss to Hillary will not change the fact that Establishment Republicans did this. It will not exonerate them from guilt. It will not confirm that they were ‘right’ as it was they who set the stage for it to happen. They hold no moral high ground here. They are the problem every bit as much as the Social Democrats.

The American Public, even while being kept unaware and compliant, are waking up to the realty that Republicans and Democrats are a distinction without a difference. And both have their foot on the pedal heading towards Progressive Globalization. (Read: International Socialism)

Whether Trump wins or loses, the Republican Party must be reformed…


All For a Better Country…

Or… The Why behind the Lie.

Now that we know the President knew the Benghazi Attack was occurring in real-time… counter to all of his public statements, it’s clear to me the Administration had the Prophet hating d-movie excuse in their pocket.  The only reason I have not written this post sooner is I have waited for todays leak.

This gets me closer to the “Why”.

A While back I feigned disbelief that the Obama camp could be so ham-fisted as to attack the 2nd Amendment by up-arming Mexican Drug Cartels.

Well, I’m convinced they are.

Not only are they capable of creating a scenario with the intent of “controlling” the 2nd Amendment which results in the death of hundreds of Mexicans as well as our Agents, but they have now floated the film as a way to “control” the 1st Amendment in the United States.

I continue to believe they were caught off guard by the attack and subsequent murder of our Libyan Ambassador.

Because of this surprise, in their panic they reached in and pulled out the ridiculous “Film”.  I also believe they had watched this “Film” being created with the intent to use it at some other future moment.  I will not, yet, go as far as to say they were connected somehow to the creation of it… but it’s plausible given everything else they have lied about.

Let me be clear, just in case there is anyone out there who can’t fathom I might say such things…

The Socialists Utopians have achieved their goal of Nationalizing Health Care and wresting control of the last part of the U.S. economy they didn’t have.

The Socialist Utopians have Nationalized Manufacturing via GM and Chrysler… and they have convinced people it was a good idea… and should always be an option!

The Socialist Utopians Bailed out the Unions keeping the money flowing to their candidates for years to come.

The Socialist Utopians have created hundreds of thousands of new Government Workers who belong to Public Unions which has expanded the amount of money flowing to their candidates for years to come.

The Socialist Utopians have attempted to attack the U.S. Citizens Right to Bear Arms through an incredibly misguided and ultimately deadly scheme to give guns to Mexican Drug Dealers known as Fast and Furious.

On the heals of a Dead Ambassador, in my opinion, the Socialist Utopians have been caught trying to get a grip on all that free speech goin’ on out there.  Taking Rahm Emanuel at his words; “You should never let a Tragedy go to Waste.”

Had they been able to convince the American public that Guns and Speech needed to be controlled completely by Government, for “the best of intentions”… it Would be a Better World, as far as they’re concerned.  As Stalin stated so clearly; If you’re going to make an omelet you have to break a few eggs.  (For those Leftists slow to keep up… yes, he meant human lives.)  These are the people running our country right now… and we put them there…. Democratically.

While I like Vodka, I prefer to cling to my Speech, my Guns and my Bourbon.

I am not interested in the country Socialist Utopians think would be Better… The Socialists have the rest of the world, and how is that working for them?

Note: The above are only a few of the Left’s latest achievements… I’ve not touched on Echelon, Carnivore, The Patriot Act, The TSA etc.