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Yet Another Leftist with a Gun?

LAPD is now desperately searching for Christopher Dorner. This individual is an ex-LAPD officer as well as ex-Navy.

LAPD is apparently very, very afraid of this man. So much so that they executed two women in a vehicle that resembled Dorner’s.  (I happen to like police… but there is really no other way to put this.)

(Update 020912:  LAPD shoots at and runs off road yet another couple in a truck resembling Dorner’s.  One must ask if the LAPD, through their actions, are not lending unfortunate credence to Dorner’s general accusations found in his online missive.)

The Media has also issued roughly half of his “manifesto” which begs the question why?

In addition, “Manifesto” is also a bit of a misnomer. Frankly it is more of an angry statement declaring the desire for revenge combined with an affirmation of capabilities… which is why LAPD is seriously scared. It’s not about how the world should be… it’s simply how his world will end and who he is going to try to take with him.

It has been called “twisted” and “rambling”.  I have read “twisted and rambling”.  I have known “twisted and rambling”.  I’m not sure this fits.  I would call it a product, result, achievement of our education system.  This man is not ignorant.  If anything, he seems to be eating too many Amphetamines, which is all the more reason to fear him.  He is awake…  instructed… able… and equipped.  LAPD indeed has a problem on their hands.

The Uncensored version of the “manifesto” can be found here: Uncensored Manifesto

The only interesting aspect I see associated with this individuals statement of revenge is his disjointed philosophical foundation. It is a failure of critical thought that seems to be a theme throughout the Left. This poor logic is ultimately demonstrated through his promotion of Gun Control while failing to realize that the very “ASB” he believes necessary would simply further empower rogue psychopathic killers like himself. But Irony seems a rare commodity among the Left.  I’ll leave it to you decide… it’s worth the read.

I will not offer any judgement on the validity of his complaints other than to observe how easily Leftists find killing people as a reasonable and equitable solution to their grievance’s.

To the people out there that view this man as a Hero… you are as misguided as he is.  You need to sit quietly and sort through your premises.  You need to check your foundations.  There is nothing heroic about killing those you believe have wronged you… it is the ultimate tyranny.  He, and he alone, has decided he should be allowed to determine who should live and die… wait… yet again an ugly theme raises it’s head.  Drone strikes anyone?

(Note: An interesting part of his statement is where he lists the latest shootings.  If nothing else it allows for a quick glance at the Psychotically Liberal crime spree we seem to be experiencing.)