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“It is our assessment that North Korea has not demonstrated the capability to deploy a nuclear-armed missile…” – White House press secretary Jay Carney

As many of you already know I believe words mean things.

When our politicians, and those speaking for them, utter inane things it’s worth pointing out.

Clearly Mr. Carney you are correct.  The North Koreans have not “demonstrated” that capability.

Let me put it this way, the North Koreans have also not “demonstrated” the ability to detonate a nuclear weapon over Tokyo.

They have not “demonstrated” the ability to successfully invade South Korea.

So… are we to WAIT until they do?

I find this type of ridiculous speech annoying because it leaves the “know nothings” feeling as if there is no problem here…

It allows people like Joe Biden to state that North Korea has “no means of delivery” even if they had a nuclear weapon (which of course they don’t… according to John Kerry) as he did during the Vice Presidential Debates.  Except they do… refer to “Yes Virginia, the North Korean can Kill Santa Clause“.

It allows John Kerry to continue being the most profoundly boring prevaricator he has always been, only now on the world stage.

The estimation of the Public’s stupidity by this Administration seems to know no bounds.

Sadly it appears, at times, they may be right…


Yes Virginia, the North Koreans can kill Santa Claus.

So now for the world to see… including Joe Biden who assured us during the debates it wasn’t true… the North Koreans successfully launched a long-range ballistic missile capable of carrying a payload.


Our current Administration should be applauding this achievement because of its inherent “fairness”. Why should a country be denied a seat at the table just because they’re a belligerent Communist Dictatorship? Right?

There are ancillary benefits to this launch however. This event gave us, the U.S., an opportunity to analyze the second and third stages of this missile which assuredly allowed us to determine where the technology originated from… most likely Los Alamos, but I digress.

So we know more, the world knows more and it’s possible Joe Biden knows more although the jury is out on that.

I realize there must be an upside to this somewhere, just as there was an upside to our driving a stealth drone into Iran and landing it in recoverable condition… wait, may be not. Give me time, I’ll think of something.

Until then, I’ll wait for the apologies from the Left regarding the Axis of Evil speech they so roundly criticized during the Bush Administration.

And finally… yes Mr. Vice President, the North Koreans can kill Santa Clause.  The UN has been sending them sternly worded letters for years.

Merry Christmas.