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It’s Time.

It’s time to take the Liberal call for Gun Control Seriously!

For decades I have resisted Gun Control under the auspices that the Second Amendment was designed to keep Government from doing Terrible things to the Citizenry.

But it suddenly dawned on me…

Who could possibly understand the depths of Liberal Insanity than Liberals Themselves.

When looking at it this way…

It suddenly becomes clear that those screaming for Gun Bans know with extreme certainty how dangerous they are given their access to Guns.

I have noted in the past the Hundreds of Millions of innocent victims of “Liberal Progressives”.  Self Identified Socialists have been at the Helm of more Killing than any other Human beings to have walked the planet.

Mark this as the moment I realize the validity of their argument.

Marxists, Leftists, Socialists, Fascists, Liberal Democrats or whatever they choose to call themselves at any given time, must not be allowed to own Guns… of any type… ever.

The Movement starts Here!