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J.P.Morgan is not “Wall Street”

General Motors is not “The Auto Industry”.


When we hear that “we” (the government) saved “the auto industry” because they used taxpayer money to make sure GM’s union pensions remained funded there should be an outcry from ALL Americans.
When “Wall Street” is condemned and we hear that all trust is lost by “small investors” and “we need more oversight” (read regulation), as the president said, because J.P.Morgan lost some money on a bad bet there should be an outcry from ALL Americans.

The cry should be “Stop saying stupid things and Keep your fingers out of it!”

The fact that we allow politicians to literally change reality into utopian fantasy is an indictment of us, you and me. The idea that all must be punished for an individual companies failure in business… or bailed out for the same thing… whichever benefits the political class, is an idea that should be crushed. Stomped out of existence.
Capitalism means you revel in your successes AND wallow in your failure. Risk is inherent. Success cannot be guaranteed… yet that is exactly what you are being told by the Left. And, you are believing it. Shame on you.
Until we all stop begging to be controlled by those who see us as so stupid as to believe the Left knows better than you in regard to what you need and want, then we will always be subjects.

Stop and think.  Please.