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How much is a Ivy League degree worth?

I regularly read material from Ivy league types. All seem intelligent while many are brilliant and many are misguided, malevolent Elitists. (“Malevolent Elitist” is redundant…)  These people remind me why I drink.

I’ve started questioning the value assigned to having credentials from one of these Ivy League schools. Apparently I join a very large group of people who also do not think the ROI is very good.  It’s amusing that Leftists consider a degree from one of these institutions as ‘ridiculous’ when it’s held by someone they disagree with, as in George W. Bush. (And, Al Gore if you have any sense what so ever.)

But there is a very current example of this… Barack Obama.  I raise the example because President Obama cannot seem to identify Socialism.

This strikes me as astounding.

If I’m not mistaken, Mr. Obama has a Law degree from Harvard. He has been surrounded and has surrounded himself with Leftists his entire life.  It would seem he should be able to reasonably expect to have received a basic understanding of political philosophy by the time he was awarded his diploma, let alone a Juris Doctor. This being said, if I were the president I would be seriously angry and demanding my money back. I would also be yelling from the mountaintops what a waste of someone’s hard-earned dollars my degree was.

When President Obama can stand in front of the American people and, in his own mind, honestly assert that neither he nor his policies are Socialist in foundation, then he clearly is unable to identify the most basic differences in governing theory.

I feel sorry for him.  He seems like such a nice guy to be taken advantage of in such a terrible way.

This ruse perpetrated upon our President during his formal education also explains his apparent dismay that the Supreme Court might have concerns regarding his attempt to force Americans to do things.

I know that once you reach a certain level of power you run the risk of being surrounded by sycophants.  Thus I don’t think anyone around him would be willing to tell him directly he has no clothes…

I hope he reads this post.