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It’s the Debt, Dummy.

Little more than 72-hours has passed and I’m already aggravated.

The Romney-Plan ticket has its leader out shouting his intent to “…bring us back to balanced budgets and deficit reduction!”

It is a line that should be met with “Boo’s”.  It is terrible and Mitt must be confronted on this.

I have talked about this in the past.  The Left has a game they like to play on the masses who don’t listen very carefully.  A word game that relies on your ignorance.  It’s the Debt vs. Deficit game.  The Liberals intentionally confuse these two very different words.  They like to exchange Deficit for Debt because you are not paying attention.  They do this because “reducing the deficit” allows them to continue spending us into oblivion even if they “achieve” this goal.  And now we’ve got our guy doing it… to us!

The deficit is the rate at which we continue to go INTO debt.  Simple.

The objective should not be to “reduce” The Deficit… it MUST be to reduce The Debt.  By definition the Deficit will be non-existent, not just reduced.  The budgets will be better than balanced… they will have surpluses that do not depend on “projected increases in revenues” (read tax increases).

Given the nature of baseline budgeting and the way U.S. budgets are designed a “balanced budget” still results in our continued free-fall into the fiscal abyss.  We are so far beyond the need for a “balanced budget” that I’m not sure I can find the words to convey the pointlessness of the goal.

The only budgets we can tolerate are those with ACTUAL SURPLUSES that REDUCE THE DEBT.  Sc*#w the Deficit!  Sc*#w “projected” surpluses and “balanced budgets”.  I know my language is harsh… My apologies to my readership under the age of three.

The only acceptable goal we can allow the Romney-Plan ticket to offer is to make the DEBT clock run backwards:  http://www.usdebtclock.org/

Yes, “It’s the economy, stupid!” but it’s also “The Debt, Dummy!”

Make an effort to Pay attention, and don’t let any of them get away with this anymore.

The Deficit is irrelevant.  The Debt is the only thing that matters, reduce The Debt and all else falls into place.