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Health Hardships

…and the fight for Universal Health Care. The beginning of the next battle.

With Health Care Premiums on an exponential rise and Choices being limited drastically, even though the Socialized Medicine Sales Team promised neither would happen, is setting the stage for the next step in destroying the Medical Insurance Industry as we know it.

The conversation is turning to; Paying for one’s health care is a “Hardship”.  (Actually, if you drill down the assertion, it is “work” that is being positioned as a hardship.  If you watch closely, it is those who do not wish to work who are being held up as the victims of not being able to purchase health insurance.)

I would offer that if you really care about people, and want the best for them, you must support a private sector solution requiring individuals to qualify for and buy their own health insurance. It is only this way that individuals will alter their habits and live a healthier life. That is… if you actually care about them.

If what you actually care about is a yet another failed attempt at a Socialist Utopia ending in horrific results for all those involved… then stop reading now, because everything is right on track.

The current proposed solution, foisted upon the American people against their wishes by a Democrat controlled House, Senate and Presidency, will only enable unhealthy individuals to continue not taking care of themselves while forcing the rest of us to pay for their poor health habits.  (If that’s going to happen to some degree anyway, I prefer it happen in the free-market where I do not sacrifice my economic principle of substitution.)

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for being unhealthy… I just don’t want to pay for you to do it. And, if I find out I am paying for you to do it, I want to have the CHOICE of firing my insurance company and hiring a new one. And, if this circumstance were to occur, I want more choices of Insurance Companies not less… let alone a single, crappy, government-run one… (Public schools, the Department of Motor Vehicles and Amtrak are bad enough.)

I don’t understand how this makes sense to anyone… well I understand how it makes sense to the planners among us who wish to control what decisions we should be allowed to make, but not those who wish to continue having the best health-care on earth. You must always remember that Socialists are not interested in solutions… they’re interested in control.

Their only aim is the ability to force you to do what they think is right… whatever that may be, at any given time, they’ll let you know.

They have no interest in offering up their ideas to the market for consideration, because when they do they typically are not embraced.  In fact, when Socialist ideas are held to scrutiny in the arena of ideas the result is most often embarrassment for those championing them.

This is why they had to force Obama Care through on the American people with a Democrat House, Democrat Senate and Democrat President even though poll after poll showed the American people didn’t want it. The attitude was “we’ll just have to pass it to see what’s in it…”, as if the American people would come to their Socialist senses.  Well, every time we learn some new aspect of what’s in it we tell the pollsters how much more we hate it.

This is always the problem with force and those who wish to wield it upon us.

In the end, it baffles me how some “reasonable” people find any value in the Obama Care idea.

And Frankly, having to regularly illustrate the fallacy of Leftist arguments is a “hardship” for me… where do I get my government check?

Since I self medicate do I get a waiver from Obama Care like the Unions?  A discount at a liquor store?  Something?

(Originally posted 060313)