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The Invisible

We have moved from The Forgotten Man to… The Deplorables.

Now we discover our shadows sheltering,

The Invisible.

The Invisible are the genuine victims, the product, the result, of Socialist Planners and the re-branding of International Socialism under the banner of Progressive Globalization.

They are the needlessly homeless, they are the disregarded and disenfranchised, they are those who are no longer looking for work and therefore, according to their leaders, no longer count

They are our Children who cannot afford to leave home… They are our Young People who cannot afford to get an Education… They are our Young Adults who cannot afford to get Married… They are our Fellow Citizens who cannot find Work… and They are Those Among Us who cannot afford to Work…

They have been betrayed by the Leaders they Trusted… these very same Leaders who, while telling them they’re on their side, purposely deny their existence in order to prop up an Image of the Country’s Success and Recovery under Liberal Policies and Leftist Experiments.

This has been a long time coming, but we have arrived.

Welcome to Obama’s Blueprint for America.

Welcome to Progressive Globalization.

Welcome to the Socialist Utopia.


Cuba Welcomes the United States into the Fold

Cuba has finally determined that the United States has made the appropriate commitments to International Socialism and is rewarding our country with diplomatic recognition.

As a gift for what the Cuban Government considers giant steps forward in Progressive Leftism, an Embassy will be opened in Washington D.C.

I would like to personally extend congratulations to the current Administration in moving this country Forward through their dedicated efforts.

I would also like to thank all of those Liberal Democrats, and Leftist Republicans, for their Embrace of the Internationale.

I would finally like to thank the American People who have supported our Homegrown Communists and propelled them into elected office, faithfully, year after year.

Salud, Comrades!