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What Spies Do…

(She got away with it.  She is above the law.  She… was… expected to run the country.)

(Update: The Question is finally being asked…)

(Update 082015:  This post was from March…  Why does it take six months (Now 20 months) to address the Large Points?)

There is a large point being missed with regard to the latest revelation of a U.S. Secretary of State creating, and using exclusively, an outside conduit of communication to their reports, and associates, within the Department of State.


When committing Espionage a Spy must find a way to communicate information without appearing to do so. This is not difficult to understand.

Hollywood might have you believe Spies find interesting little pieces of information and covertly send that information to the interested party of choice. But that’s the movies.  And, small amounts of information have lesser value than Huge Amounts of Information.  Seems self-evident.

If you want to be “The Most Transparent Administration, and State Department, in History!”, one way to achieve that is to give full access to…

(Well, when We The People hear that phrase repeated ad nauseam, we think the Administration is speaking to Us. It’s entirely possible the Administration was speaking to someone completely different. If that is the case, it would clear up the confusion We The People have when it comes to the supposed ‘Transparency’ of this current Administration.  It also begs the question ‘Who Else may have created their own “home-made” ISP upon which to communicate?’)

… other countries.

What better way to do the above than to create an entirely separate network that can easily be tapped into?

In other words, Creating a Method of Communication outside of Federally Protected Channels may extend well beyond the desire to avoid the Damned Prying Eyes of the ‘Stupid’ American Public’s FIOA requests.

It would certainly make it convenient for a Foreign Power to access and monitor all communications within that channel… without the Damned Prying Eyes of those tasked with protecting the Secrets and Security of the United States.

While those who created such a network would obviously deny such intent…

That question must be explored.

When it Looks like Espionage, Walks like Espionage and Talks like Espionage… it might just be Espionage.

Maybe the NSA can take a break from Spying on Us and re-task some folks to find out Who else was attached to Eric Hoteham’s ISP.   Any thoughts Mr. Pagliano or are you sticking with taking the fifth?

(Originally Posted 030415)


It’s Easier than Makinganeffort….

Something happened yesterday that motivated me to tap out this post. I wanted to do it right away, but yesterday was not a day to do that.

I wait no more.

My post yesterday (A Small Tradition), which is a re-post I put up every year, received a share from a blogger I will leave unnamed. His position on topics is not the motivation for this post. While I disagree with some, but not all, of his points, he seems to be an apt writer.

What has motivated this post is something I find particularly annoying.

My post was lumped into almost 100 posts which the Author is using to imply legitimacy to his point of view. (I read his post, which led me to throw this flag on the play, but not just at him.)

This approach of linking to anything and everything is what makes me angry… It’s an absurd, college freshman tactic, to appear educated and well read. (Some of us have been called onto the carpet for such behavior by a very specific Nun who was teaching a very specific English History 100 class.) That being said, I doubt this blogger has read more than one or two of the posts he linked to.

But he’s not trying to educate himself, he’s trying to shut down dissent. He doesn’t want to actually read the information he has linked to (read ‘cite’), he wants it to APPEAR he has read the 100+ posts and materials he has linked to.

I have a particular distaste for those who cite materials they haven’t read for two reasons… First, Someone has actually taken the time, and paid enough respect to the Author, to read that material. Second, on almost every circumstance the Elitist A-Hole citing said material fails to understand the Author’s point and thus makes the citation in a way that seems to bolster their point when in fact the Author, if alive, would probably have issued a cease and desist out of sheer anger.  (For the record, I have received a number of “certifications” provided by Individuals who quote Authors from Clausewitz to Jesus but had clearly not read the line before or the line after the citations they used to make their often insipidly incorrect points.  In other words, this foolishness extends beyond drunk monkeys posting their excrement because you’re all too far away to forcefully throw it in your direction.)

The practice is common, from the fools at Handgun Inc. writing completely bogus articles with no back-up what-so-ever, getting them published by their hack friends, and then “citing” those articles as fact 3-4 months later… to Ass Hats like this guy who does not want to genuinely think about what he is saying but wants you to think he thinks about what he’s saying.  He wants you to digest what his tapped pap with no critical thought.

Just Lap Up and then Shut Up.

In order for this Individual to appear informed and elevate himself above challenge, and suspicion, he links to everything that comes up on his preferred search engine employing nothing more than a few key strokes. This is supposed to pass for effort, research and understanding. It’s supposed to convey Depth and Intelligence.

It’s Hogwash.

But we are to blame.

We allow this to happen…
because we allow the tactic to work.

We allow this tactic to work…
because we also do not read anything, ever.

Believing these Charlatans…
Is Easier than Reading, Thinking and Understanding.

It’s Easier than makinganeffort.

Well, some of us do read.

Some of us do Listen Carefully.

Some of us promote Discourse and Challenge.

We should all strive to be those people.

She’s a Girl.

Please allow me to explain something…

It’s unreasonable to believe Hillary Clinton could understand all the extremely complicated, dare I say convoluted, rules and requirements associated with holding the office of Secretary of State.  She did the best she could.

She’s a Girl.

To think Mrs. Clinton is capable of operating more than one electronic communication device for Official Business and a separate such device for Personal use is foolish.

She’s a Girl.

If you’re appalled that the people she surrounded herself with did nothing to aid her in complying with security measures being practiced by all Government Employees holding a Secret clearance and above, then you must not be taking into account their fear of sudden irrational bursts of anger and acts vengeful retribution.

She’s a Girl.

Taking into consideration a natural disposition to be flighty and irresponsible it is no mystery why Hillary could decide to create a private server outside of secure Government channels in order to communicate with the State Department, friends and family simultaneously.

She’s a Girl.

To be surprised at this level of incoherence, incompetence and unaccountability only illustrates your personal level of denial.

She’s a Girl.

Finally, the ease of which she ‘misrepresents the truth’, regarding all the above matters, when it appears to suit her… demonstrates…

She’s a Girl.

And, She will get away with it… because she can’t be expected to know what’s she’s doing.

(Feel Free to substitute “a Girl” with; “Old”, “Senile”, “Socialist”, “Leftist”, “Enemy of the State” or “Smartest Person in the World”.)