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Whoa! Someone Alert the Military!

And High School Football Coaches Nationwide!

Yelling at Children is as Harmful as Beating Them

NORTH TEXAS (CBS 11 NEWS) – How to discipline or punish children is always a hot topic. Questions always arise over what is effective and when is the line crossed? Yelling, shouting, and raising your voice…may feel natural. But a new study says those actions should only be used to get a child’s attention. The study, done at the University of Pittsburgh, argues that those practices equate with spanking.

Many North Texas parents agree that yelling is a bad idea. At the Jumpstreet Indoor Trampoline Park in North Dallas, Chelsea Lopker watched as her 20-month-old son, Donovan, played in a miniature fire truck. “He loves fire trucks,” she said. But when faced with doing something he doesn’t love, Donovan can be a handful. And, yes—mom sheepishly admitted—sometimes she yells. “ I don’t like to do it and I definitely feel guilty on the occasions it does happen.”

Chelsea and her circle of friends—other mothers her age—don’t believe in spankings or other forms of corporal punishment; and don’t approve of shouting, either. “Personally, I’m against it; I don’t like to do it, I think it teaches your children to shout back at you,” she told CBS 11 News.

The approach she and her friends use is a bit different. “Just taking the time to be patient and explain and talk with them [children] and help them understand what behavior you expect from them and also exhibiting the type of behavior that you want from them is really what we do,” she explained, adding, “I just try to stay calm in the moment and I try to explain and rationalize and have him sit down. One of the tools we do is I ask him to sit down and be patient.”

Licensed marriage and family therapist Melody Brooke agrees about not using physical or verbal punishment. “They aren’t really forms of discipline, they’re really trying to get control back on a child that you feel is out of control,” she said.

Brooke reared five children of her own. She says while yelling and spankings may be counterproductive, they’re also instinctive behaviors that adults themselves must learn to control. And it’s not always easy. “I have to say I have yelled at my kids,” she relates, “ And I regret it every time because it doesn’t work! Just taking the time to be patient and explain and talk with them and help them understand what behavior you expect from them and also exhibiting the type of behavior that you want from them is really what we do.”

Brooke believes that the old saying about taking a deep breath and counting to 10… really works. “The first thing you have to do when you start to feel out of control, when your kids have gotten the upper hand, is take a deep breath. Count to ten. Because you have to get yourself back under control if you’re going to be effective as a parent and then you can make a logical choice about what to do.”

Unfortunately, it doesn’t get any easier as kids age, either. That same University of Pittsburgh study suggests that yelling, cursing, or using insults, may be just as detrimental to the long-term well being of adolescents—as physical abuse. (Emphasis Mine)

Holy Crap… Looks like we need a dose of “Kinder and Gentler”.

Considering you’re a Child in the United States until your 26th Birthday…

Does it make up for it if you read to them before lights out?  DI’s tell such Beautiful Bedtime stories…



Definition of Tolerance (n)

Bing Dictionary
  • tol·er·ance
  • [ tóllərənss ]
  1. acceptance of different views: the acceptance of the differing views of other people, e.g. in religious or political matters, and fairness toward the people who hold these different views
  2. tolerating of somebody or something: the act of putting up with somebody or something irritating or otherwise unpleasant
  3. ability to endure hardship: the ability to put up with harsh or difficult conditions

I’ve held back jumping on the Duck Dynasty hates Gays bandwagon… because it’s nothing new and I don’t really care.

Until now.

Let me state my position on this latest example of Liberal Tolerance.

Phil Robertson has every right to openly state what he believes.  A&E has every right as a private company to “Fire” Phil Robertson because of what he openly states as his beliefs.  You have every right to Support Phil, or Support A&E.  You can turn A&E off… you can say mean things about Phil.  You can burn Phil’s Duck Calls… On and on and on.

The only, only, only aspect of this I find remotely interesting is the idea of Tolerance.  This episode is simply another, in a long line, of incidents where Liberals fail to tolerate speech they disagree with.  Phil may very well be an A-Hole.  But where exactly is the tolerance?

Liberals find it very important to remind the rest of us that they are the most Tolerant people in the room… at all times.  But if you only tolerate those you agree with then where exactly IS the tolerance?

This is a terrific example of the Left’s War on Words.

It is all part of controlling speech.  Because if you control speech you control the argument.

But what is amazing is that we are conditioned with regularity to accept such control.

We see this in everyday life.  Several examples we have grown to except, erroneously, are the words;

Gratuity, Charity and Voluntary.

Definition of Gratuity (n)

Bing Dictionary
  • gra·tu·i·ty
  • [ grə t ətee ]
  1. money given in appreciation: a small gift, usually of money, given to somebody such as a waiter as thanks for service given
Synonyms: tip · perquisite · perk · token · donation
If the definition of gratuity above is correct… then how can one be mandatory on parties of 6 or more, or have a minimum of 15% etc.?  Once it’s mandatory or has a requirement, it’s no longer a gratuity, it’s a fee.

Definition of Charity (n)

Bing Dictionary
  • char·i·ty
  • [ chárrətee ]
  1. organization providing charity: an organization that collects money and other voluntary contributions of help for people in need
  2. provision of help: the voluntary provision of money, materials, or help to people in need
  3. material help: money, materials, or help voluntarily given to people in need
Synonyms: aid · contributions · gifts · donations · help · assistance · offerings · handouts
If something is taken from you and given to someone else it is not charity.  It is theft.

Definition of Voluntary (adj)

Bing Dictionary
  • vol·un·tar·y
  • [ vóllən tèrree ]
  1. of free will: arising, acting, or resulting from somebody’s own choice or decision rather than because of external pressure or force
  2. without pay: performing, working, or done without financial reward
  3. using volunteers: composed of, functioning with or requiring volunteers

If something is voluntary it does not require Force by others.  In other words, you don’t voluntarily pay your taxes.  You pay your txes because you must.  If you don’t, you go to jail.  That’s Force.

Apparently “Tolerance” is going the way of “Voluntarily”, a word hardly heard and rarely understood.

It seems none of us ‘Public School Kids’ know what Free Will is.

I shouldn’t have to say this, but Words mean Things.  All of the above words have to do with your ability to say “No.”  So ask yourself, why would the Left want to change the meaning of, or remove, such words from our vocabulary?  Contrary to many people’s new definition of Tolerance, it does not mean finding only those things you agree with as protected speech.  In fact, it means exactly the opposite.

Buy a dictionary… use it… before all meaning is lost forever.