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Has Your NAZI Flag Lost it’s Impact?


Nobody reacting to your Mao book bag?

Is Che just not cutting it?

Your friends think your new Stalin poster is simply a nice Living Room Decoration?

The Hammer and Sickle becoming just too mainstream?

Pol Pot sound like something on the Menu?

Lenin always gets confused with a Beatle?

You’ve tried wearing clothes with pictures of Ted Bundy and Jeffrey Dahmer but didn’t get so much as a raised eyebrow?

Have No Fear!

Don’t lose your drive to advertise the profound limitations of your intellectual maturity!

Run! Don’t Walk to your closest, totally unique, you’re way different and enlightened, online clothing retailer for…

the latest in ISIS, Taliban and Mujahideen Gear!


Zirah Moslem

Just when you thought you’d never find the coolest new trend in Socialist college wear.

Just when you couldn’t figure out how to tell everyone you believe in the Statist Elites and their designs for everyone but you,

Just when you lost all hope in getting attention for your support of Liberal Fascists, Socialists and Communists comes…

the Progressive Theocrats!

Guaranteed to make your stupid parents mad!

Guaranteed to make your stupid professors shake their heads!

Guaranteed to make your super smart friends green with envy!

Don’t lose your head!

We Have What you Need!

Whether you like it or not.

The trend is Sweeping East Asia RIGHT NOW… so Don’t Delay.

Be the first on your block to support stuff you no nothing about you Ignorant Infidel!

(We even have clothes for Women!  So be sure have your husband, or male family member, look for you!)




My Problem with the GOP

This is just one of my problems with the current embodiment of the Grand Old Party…

The Log Cabin Republicans, a group of Homosexual Republicans, was denied a booth at the Texas GOP convention.

Angelo learned that The Log Cabin Republicans and the Metroplex Republicans were denied a space on the convention floor because their groups “do not embody the party’s platform.” More specifically, they do not embody one part of the party’s platform that claims “homosexuality tears at the fabric of society.”

“I would guess that most Republicans wouldn’t even know that language exists in the platform, let alone support it. I would guess that most Millennial Republicans wouldn’t even know that language exists in the platform, let alone support it,” Angelo said

I’ve made my position on Gay marriage clear on many occasions.  And nothing has changed.

But the idea that denying access to Republicans due to their sexual identity is inane and it makes me angry.  Would a request from the African-American Republicans be denied?  The Republican’s who are under 5′ tall?  The Left Handed Republicans?  It’s ridiculous.

The Texas GOP needs to seriously reconsider this move.

Because I do not support language that is simply ignorant such as “Homosexuality tears at the fabric of society“.  It’s stupid.  And indeed I was unaware…

These are the types of things that motivate me to take back what I consider the only Party that can do math.  I’m wondering if I’m mistaken about the math.