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Demand It!

We are asking our representatives to defund a small portion of Obamacare… because we have the opportunity to do so.  Possibly the last opportunity to do anything similar.

Our representatives are busying themselves explaining to us why we shouldn’t bother defunding such a small part of an overwhelmingly unpopular New Entitlement.

We are staring with our mouths hung open at the very people we elected to represent us wondering what to do.

How about this;

Demand it….

Seems so simple.

Let’s try fighting for Freedom and Liberty.  Let’s makeaneffort to promote the only ideology which protects the Individual from oppression.  Let’s prove that fiscal responsibility is more than a phrase used to get votes then forgotten shortly thereafter.  Let’s fight to win… all the time, every time.

Every Battle… Every Hour… Every Minute… Every Second of Every Day!

Such has been the Mantra of the Left from its inception, and it represents something glaringly absent from those who supposedly support Freedom and Liberty of the Individual.


Bing Dictionary

 [ tə náyshəss ]
  1. determined or stubborn: tending to stick firmly to any decision, plan, or opinion without changing or doubting it
  2. tightly held: difficult to loosen, shake off, or pull away from
  3. persistent: persisting for a long time and difficult to change, destroy, or get rid of
But there lies the problem…
“decision, plan, or opinion”
When you’re making “decisions, plans and forming opinions” based on nothing… based on no ideological foundation… then they are simply disparate reactions to your dedicated opposition.  You are figuratively wandering in the forest.  Only worse… you’re wandering in whatever direction your opposition, in this case the enemy of Individual freedom and liberty, wants you to go.
This is why it is imperative to elect representatives whose ideology is based on Natural Law and… Happily… Governed by the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights.
We do not have this.
We have politicians who flinch when an ideological battle is waged.
We have Republicans who think “Populism” is a real, substantive, governing theory.  We have people who play to the room.  We have people who have NO ideological foundation upon which to build their positions on issues.  We have the John McCain’s… and a whole lot of them.
The time is now to change this.
The Primaries are the only opportunity afforded us to make a difference.
What are YOU doing for the FRONT?
Better get moving…
Because The Guys Up Front are doing more harm than good.

What Happens When you Don’t

Teach history because it hits a little too close to your “enlightened” point of view.

Good Lord….


Socialism and Fascism are simply a Father and Son who don’t get along.

So we don’t teach anyone about the horrors directly connected to either one.

By not teaching the nepotistic relationship between the father and son, We pretend the Holocaust was just a bad thing that bad people did, and then… only to the Jews. We pretend it was not a direct function of Socialist Ideologues.

By not teaching about the horrors of Socialism, We also pretend that the Oppression, Destruction and Death of over 100 Million innocent humans  NEVER happened… let alone as a direct function of Socialist Ideologues.

It’s time to take a hard look at the Ideologies that move this world.  And then, stop placating those who STILL support them…

With that also comes the time to take a hard, long and painful look in the mirror.

Who are we now?

Why do we give anyone with Socialist ideas any comfort… anywhere… at any time?

Why do we sit quietly and allow them to rally Useful Idiots to their cause?

Why do we elect these people to high office?  Or, for that matter, any office?  And then, do everything BUT identify them for what they are?

Why do we stay quiet in the face of Demonstrably Deadly ideas… coated in the sugar of Best Intentions?

Is it because this is still the greatest place to live… at the moment?

Well, It’s not enough that the United States is “the greatest country on earth” or “the freest”.

We were not founded to judge our Freedom and Liberty in relative terms as compared to the rest of the world.

Yet that is what our Socially Progressive Liberals do.  Because they want a Globally Socialist Paradigm in place, as long as they’re in charge of it.

Understanding Ideology is imperative.  Subscribing to one comes immediately after that…

Lest we are doomed to repeat firing up the ovens… in High Style.

I have to go now, and get sick.