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Children… the Path to Poverty.

I was going to offer up a very serious, detailed and heavily researched essay on this… fact.

However, I’m now three full days deep into metrics regarding who collects welfare, when and how much followed by success rates (long-term employment, earnings and marital status) of individuals 10, 20 and 30-years after having received public assistance surrounding children, it becomes such Obvious Fact that it seems unnecessary to waste the time tapping it out.  Additionally, given the amount of information available showing exactly this but not stating it directly, it appears everyone already knows it.  And yet…

Such is the epidemic of this Destructive Element dragging people helplessly into Abject Poverty, I am going to throw my hands up and get drunk, which is what everyone else has clearly done.

But even Drunk… I now have a boat load of evidence demonstrating that children ruin people’s lives as well as the lives of others who are then expected to support them for poor folks who own them.  They are Black Holes of Self-Sufficiency and Fiscal Solvency.

I’m with Bill Gates on this one, the pathway out of Poverty is Chickens.

If Children are our Future, we’re screwed.