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Is it Ever Worth the Life of a Child?

Yes.  Many.

And apparently you all agree…

So… we are all OK with killing kids…


You lie… when it comes to the Wheel.

Not only do we not seem to care, we Promote and Celebrate the use of  the Wheel as milestones in our children’s lives.  For example… Little Johnny’s first bike, and then getting that first car after getting a driver’s license.  Both of which We teach them how to operate!

We intentionally expose them to this danger when we put them in the Stroller, the Car, or put them on the School bus.

So, given that we are willing to trade our children’s lives without much thought at all, why do we give so much weight to the argument “Is it worth the life of a child?”  (And other intentionally stupid conversation killers like “Who are you to judge?” and “You need to have an open mind.”)

Almost without exception our response is “NO!  Nothing, Nothing, Nothing is worth the life of a child!”  Then we throw the kids in the car and drive off… while talking on the phone, eating sandwich.  (We’re Busy People Dammit!)

But that’s just one of myriad examples…

It’s strange the disconnects we make, the mental gymnastics we perform, in order not appear mean or heartless while behaving in an exactly opposite manner.

Fundamentally, my problem is not with the serious and sometimes life threatening trade-offs we make in life, but with the Rhetorical Devices we use so we don’t have to make an effort thinking about what we are saying.

More importantly my problem is exacerbated when we allow others to influence us using such devices…

I wouldn’t have an issue if these devices weren’t intentionally used to stifle sound, reasonable, discussions regarding the trade-offs we make everyday in order to live the lives we desire… imagine for a moment a life without the wheel and you will get my point.

We should all watch for rhetorical devices (read ridiculous statements) used to stifle rational debate.  Those who say such things are people who have either no argument or a very poor one.  Trying to stop the discussion is their only avenue of “winning”  while attempting to make any opposition appear “mean-spirited” or ‘ignorant’.

Let’s pledge to stop using such inane conversation killers.  More importantly, confront with vigor those who do.

These people are the destroyers of discourse.

We allow them to make us dumb.

Now go take the kids for a bike ride.

(Originally posted 011512.  Repost inspired by X.)