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What Does it Mean When…

Your Boss say’s he has “Complete Confidence” in you?

Well, if you’re a political appointee, it means you better dust off your resume.

In the world of Politics there is a special language. A language all its own.
If your employer is elected to office, and he or she states they “expect” you to continue to be an important part of their Administration… Advisors… or Food Tasting Committee, you’re screwed. What they really mean is “You have around a week to figure out what you’re going to do, other than my Administration… Advisors… or Food Tasting Committee.”

So when President Obama made this statement regarding Attorney General Eric Holder, Mr. Holder should have made a call to his Real Estate agent.  DC is awfully expensive place to live if you don’t work there.  (Can I suggest Idaho? I understand people just like AG Holder end up there with frequency.)

This also explains something to me that I found mysterious… for about 30 seconds, until a saw something shiny.

I watched the entire hearing with Holder on CSPAN yesterday.  (I know… but right now time is the only thing I have in abundance.)

Attorney General Eric Holder was an Arrogant, Self Centered, Smug, Snarky, S.O.B.  It really is worth watching, even though it’s CSPAN.

While I expect that kind of behavior from an Elitist Progressive, under the circumstances I thought it was bizarre.  The attitude was going to do nothing in regard to his preservation as A.G.

He already knew.  He already knew the President was going to have him step aside… and given that he has served longer than most political appointees, it would be positioned as a normal “transition” even though we all know better.  “Transition” is a much better way of going out than “Fired”.  And Obama would never want to be viewed as Firing his most loyal employees… certainly not if it could be construed that his opposition made him do it.

So, Goodbye to Eric.  Or rather, Happy Transition.

And hello to… who?

Obama has a way of locating and recruiting individuals even more onerous than those who occupied the position previously.

I wonder if the Black Panthers have anyone interested.  Or, possibly, Van Jones… I think he isn’t doing anything worthwhile right now.  Does Rev. Wright have the creds?  I’m sure he would appreciate the phone call.