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Romney beat up the blonde kid?


OK, ok…. ok.. whew.

The fact that anyone can imagine Mitt… (a guy named MITT)…. Romney beat someone up is hilarious. The actual image one would have to draw is comedy at it’s finest.

First, many of you probably don’t know much about Mormons but the stereotype of blonde hair is closer to a “simple truth”.  Being blonde at a Mormon school does not get you beat up, if anything it makes you invisible.  So this idea of suddenly being “presumed gay” because you bleached your hair is ridiculous on the face of it.  Anyway…

Just last week John Stewart had a piece (actually quite funny) about Romney basically redefining bland. And he’s right. To try to conjure up the scenario that he picked out a gay kid, or any kid for that matter… or a stuffed animal… or his imaginary friend and beat him up is beyond even the most creative minds.
Frankly, it would probably do more to bolster his credentials as human. I hadn’t thought about this, but it may have been the Romney camp that fabricated the story. Hmmm…
Here’s the only interesting aspect to this story. We have seen it before.
During the Reagan administration he was constantly portrayed as an idiot actor… then simultaneously as an evil genius behind the scenes.
We saw this again during the latest Bush administration… “what a fool” yet “sneaky and brilliantly evil”.
It will be a rehash of everything we have seen in the past. There seems to be no new plays in the Liberal playbook.
Look, this guy is so bland in comparison boiled oatmeal is a culinary adventure. Yes, I will vote for him because as I have stated many times I will support the least Socialist candidate… and by comparison the Obama administration makes Mitt look like a Free-Market Capitalist.
So there you have it. The “silly season” has truly began.

This is going to be many, many levels of fun!