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It’s Never that Their Ideas are Bad…

It’s that Their Ideas are Never Bad Enough.

So, They Demand More of the Same Bad Ideas.

In Fact… As Much More as They can get you to Let Them Do.

Adding to the long list such as Poor Student Performance resulting in a cry for yet More Taxpayer Money directed to ballooning Public School Administrators salaries, and Union Pensions for Educators who can never be fired, neither of which result in teaching Kids…

And the Destruction of Free-Market Health Care and Health Insurance… when the VA has demonstrated what happens when Government Bureaucracy, and the Unaccountability commiserate with it, are in charge of human lives and taxpayer dollars.

Now comes along the Mayor of Chicago Demanding More Gun Control in one of the most heavily controlled states in the Union.

Damn the evidence that a well armed populace is an immediate deterrent to Thugs who look to project their power, and infringe on your Liberty and Freedom through the use of Force and a Firearm…

Damn the daily proof that Gun Control only control’s those who seek to follow the Law in the First Place…

And Damn the statistics which show escalating loss of life in exactly those areas where Firearms are most heavily regulated… cities, schools and ‘gun-free’ zones.

You might be thinking ‘Why would people I respect demand more of what doesn’t work?’.

Simply put, demanding more of what doesn’t work does two things.  First it allows the person making the demand appear to care about solving the problem.  Second, and most importantly, it prevents other ideas which could illustrate the fundamental failure associated with all things socialist to be tried.

By demanding more failure, the individual doing the demanding attempts to secure the position of caring more about the issue than you do while protecting the socialist control their fellow travelers have achieved over the course of decades.

In other words,

Is our Prescribed Medicine making you Sick?

Then Double the Dosage and Don’t call us in the Morning.

(…but keep sending us money and voting for us.)

We’ll feel better for it.


Another Shooting in a “Gun Free” Zone.

When is enough, enough?

I’m familiar with the Navy Yard and it’s surroundings. Some of the most able soldiers on the planet are located there. There are men assigned to guard the White House in case of extreme threat… who sleep there.

Unarmed.  (The Weapons Closets are secured.)

Just like Ft. Hood.

All you have to do is get inside…

There is no debate to be had any longer.

The absence of guns spells disaster for innocent human beings.

The needless loss of life in every shooting we have burned in our memories could have been stopped, or the loss of life greatly reduced, had we not kept giving in to those who would see us defenseless and at the mercy of killers.

This is yet another sad day brought upon us by symbolism over substance…

Meteor Free Zones

Clearly the Russians didn’t get this done in time.

Today we are seeing history being made. Well, not really being made so much as happening… just as it always does once an event is over.

Anyway, it has made me think about the idea of “zones” and what capacity our ego’s lead us to believe we can create them.

Of course this starts here in the U.S. with “Gun Free Zones”, areas in which most of our mass shootings occur.

So here are some Zones I would like to create which I expect to be equally successful:

Asteroid Free Zone – Let’s not make the same mistake the Russians have.
Yelling at Invisible People Free Zone
Spitting into Container Free Zone
Non-Smoking Free Zone
Drive Like You Know Where You’re Going Zone
Organic Free Zone
Pretension is met with Percussion Zone (AKA Slap Zone. There is also a diet associated with this concept… the Slap Diet. Could be more on that later.)
Gun Possession Zone
Knife Possession Zone
Baseball Bat Possession Zone
Large Rock Possession Zone
Can of Gasoline Possession Zone
Play with Matches Zone
One of my personal Favorites; Lawn Dart Zone
Open Fire Zone
Politician Free Zone

Along the same lines as the above Politician Free Zone, but might be a bit redundant… a Dirty, Naked, Felonious, Homeless, Drug Using, Male Prostitute Free Zone.  I say Male because the Female ones don’t bother me so much.

Wine Snob Zone (It would be nice if they all hung out in the same place so I could avoid it… always.  Somewhere in the Middle of an Ocean preferably.  An Ocean I have no desire to visit.  Arctic?)

Child Free Zone.  This one should be very, very, very large.  There should be more privileges associated with growing up, don’t you think.  It could also be combined with the Sobriety Free Zone.  I know, I know… I hear you.  No… I don’t have anything against intoxicated children and I would be willing to allow a small area somewhere on the outskirts for them.

Silent Stupidity Zone.  You can be stupid you just have to keep it quiet.

Feel free to add to my admittedly comprehensive list in the comments… the best one’s I’ll add on the page as updates.