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Want to Save Lives? Sell Machine Guns.

If you really want to save lives, you should support the open sale of machine guns without any caveats.

If you have ever learned to fire one of these you quickly find out that in the hands of the inspired but uninstructed they are one of the most useless weapons ever created.

And the benefit is… This type of weapon would most often attract those who are specifically NOT instructed.

The inability of the typical user to support, operate, let alone maintain, such a firearm with any effectiveness would most definitely save lives.

Essentially we would be “de-lethalizing” those who might most concern us.

(I look forward to your “rebuttal’s”, but you should be ready to defend them with substance.  For those of you who are familiar with the history behind the Machine Gun Act will be best equipped… but I’m ready for you too.  Should be fun.)


Who Hates Sikh’s?

So very strange.
Who hates Sikh’s?

Yesterday a Fascist Neo-Nazi enters a Sikh Temple and kills six people.
These were not people who had hurt anyone, or fostered a doctrine of destruction and death. In fact, Sikh’s are kind of the middle ground between Hindu and Islam. The only group I was aware had Sikh’s on the short list of people to dislike were certain Radical Muslim groups as they see it as a perversion of Islam. (That’s a short road…I mean what isn’t, right?)
So once again it takes a Leftist from the broad Socialist Spectrum (A Fascist) to harbor enough hatred to actually kill. It takes a National Socialist to find an excuse for his problems in the color of a person’s skin, religion or their national origin.
The Left will attempt to position this guy as “Right Wing” and then label everyone who disagrees with their Socialist politics with that smear. They will attempt to convince anyone listening that this killer is equivalent to the Conservative movement that stands in their way.  I will remind you, and I hope you remind everyone close to you, that White Supremacists (Neo-Nazi’s) are “Right-Wing” only if your entire world is made up of Socialism… say, in Europe. The National Democratic Socialist Party (NAZI) remains one of the Left’s largest problems when trying to sell their horrible ideas.  They are not “conservative” in any way.  They are Marxist/Socialists… pure in every way and simple in every regard.
It’s also important to Remember that the NAZI’s were not the only Leftist/Collectivist group to kill based on race (Jew’s), religion (Catholic’s), and sexual orientation (Homosexuals). Stalin did so to the tune of 20 million… between the Purges, the Pogroms and the systematic starvation of ethnic groups in the name of the Socialist State. Mao, and Pol Pot, organized similar acts in order to bring about a “more desirable” Social Democracy.
This behavior must be stopped and the root of the weed that must be pulled is Socialism.

Every time we ask ourselves “Who Hates…?” We should instead ask “What promotes Hate?”

The answer is always envy and control, the cornerstones of Leftist ideology without which it would wither and die on the vine.  So powerful are these cornerstones that Leftists even harbor profound hate for each other.  I will refer you to the recent example of Norway’s Anton Breivik, a neo-nazi, and the killing of children at a “young socialist’s camp”.  In order for Socialists to gain power they must promote hatred and division with the intent of leveraging one group against another.  They have been very successful at getting what they want world over.

So Who Hates Sikh’s?

Nobody in their right mind… but Socialists are not in their right mind.

I can hear the screaming outrage from our “friendly” Liberals that anyone could make such an assertion.

But outrage will be all they offer… because I’m right, they cannot argue it with substance.

Enough is enough.

It’s time to demand what has only been paid lip service.  It’s time to demand a genuinely blind society.  It’s time to demand equal rights for the ultimate minority, the individual.  And the only way to do that is to refuse to tolerate the continued efforts by the Left to keep us divided into groups and fighting.

It’s time to unite beneath the banner of Individual Rights, Liberty, Freedom, Free-Market Capitalism and the Democratically Elected Republic under the Constitutionally Limited Government that defends it….

It’s time to say “No more!” to the identity politics of race , religion, sexual orientation or any other artificial divisions Leftists come up with.

It’s time to openly confront and cast derision upon those who promote such Leftist ideas that lead to the loss of innocent life such as yesterdays victims who were doing nothing more than practising their faith.

While the shooter is responsible and must be punished to fullest extent fo the law… it’s the attraction of poisonous ideas that aid such actions.  The fact that we openly tolerate such divisiveness should make all of us ashamed.