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Mexico Suddenly Releases over 300+ (Update: now 2000+ and growing) Criminals…

Drug Cartel and Corrupt Officials suspected in today’s release.

No other explanation offered. Upon being questioned, Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto stated he had no idea these releases had occurred until he read the reports in the press.  He, through his spokesman, also stated that the individuals were set free with the approval of “high-level career bureaucrats” within the Administration.

Wait!  Wait!  Wait!

I’m Sorry, I got it wrong.

WE did this today:


The content is correct… President Obama has stated, through his spokesperson, that he had no idea this had or was going to happen.

Are these career bureaucrats going to be fired?  Or just transferred and suspended with pay for a few days until we lose interest like the fast and furious folks who up-armed the Mexican Cartels which resulted in hundreds of innocent Mexicans dead in addition to our own law enforcement officers?

Is it possible that we might have a little corruption in our ranks?

Carney’s statement was that these were “low-level” criminals… but by whose judgment?  Many of these individuals were AWAITING trial or further processing to officially DETERMINE their level of criminality.

Apparently there is just too much stability out there…

(For you Cartoon Network guys who don’t know why I care about this, remember Batman?  Bain did the same thing.  For the rest of you, Castro did this to us as well.)