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Defunding Obama Care and The Alamo

I’m tired of hearing about how Obama Care “Will not be Defunded!” as Senator McCain is so excited to remind us.

That’s not the point.

Let’s recall the Alamo… they lost.

But news to Senator McCain, the reason The Alamo is important is because they Knew they were going to Lose… but Winning was Not the Point.

They fought the fight anyway.  They didn’t run away… they didn’t quit… and they sure as sh*t didn’t listen to people like you telling them they couldn’t do it.

It was a stand on Principle which lead to years of organized resistance against Imperial Spain (I’ve already received push back on this regarding Santa Ana… I’m leaving it, and if anyone genuinely cares they can challenge me in comments and I’ll explain.  I know, for the record he was fighting for Mexico – at the time.)  and arguably one of the most successful States in the Union to this day.

I’m well aware the days McCain stood for principles of Pragmatism have long left him. If they haven’t, then he must have very different set of principles than his constituency would approve of.

But every effort Must be made to Defund, Dismantle and Deconstruct this Affront to Liberty, Freedom and Free Market Capitalism a few Great Men of the Enlightenment gifted to the world.

We may lose, and We may Lose Often, but it’s the Right Fight.

Another Bulletin to the Very, Very Senior Senator;

It’s how the Left has operated for a century, and considering Socialized Health Care is the last piece of their Socialist puzzle one must admit they have done quite well.

I know you’re from Arizona Senator, but I might remind you and the rest of the Establishment Republicans to;

Remember the Alamo!

Oh wait… you’re not on our side.


What is Fascism in a Nutshell?

Boiled down to its basic form, Fascism is simply a lazy man’s Socialism.  (Some might argue a “Smart” man’s Socialism as it recognizes the inability of Labor to effectively run business.)

It is everything Socialism is, except the private ownership of Industry “is allowed” or tolerated…

So long as the Industry in question cooperates with the Government.
If said Industry fails to cooperate with the Government, the Government will step in and control that Industry.

Control comes in a number of forms.

There is the outright seizing of that Industry or Company. (The Classic Socialist paradigm.  As demonstrated with General Motor’s.)

There is the implementation of new regulations placed upon that Industry or Company with penalties ranging from fiscal to penal.

There is Banning of Industry, or Industry practices effectively putting that entity out of business. (There are also trade policies which can be manipulated in ways designed to harm the business model of the offending Company or Industry.)

That’s it folks. That’s the only difference. (The Socialists in 30’s Germany added a “Nationalization” component… but paired it with Global Expansionism, and Divine Right, thus making it meaningless in modifying the definition of Fascism and rendering it a difference without a distinction between it and Socialism.

I bring this up, because the cooperation between the Phone Companies and Government fits the description.

The Government demanded the records from the phone companies and in return gave them immunity from your suits.  The Scheme is an old one.  Some thugs come into your bar and trash it… the next day a guy shows up and says he’ll make sure it doesn’t happen again, as long as you pay him a monthly fee.  The Mob has operated this way for years.

There are many examples, but the collection of Innocent American Citizen’s phone records, e-mail, etc. is happening right now…