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George Zimmerman pulled over with 15 Gallons of High Explosive!

George Zimmerman was pulled over for speeding by Texas Law Enforcement.

He was found to be carrying 15 gallons of C8H18.  C8H18 is an extremely dangerous, liquid form, high explosive.

The explosive material was hidden under the bed of his truck accessed by cleverly engineered, built-in, door and stopper located on the outer left side of the vehicle.

Texas Law Enforcement also discovered a receipt in the vehicle, from a personal credit card, showing the recent purchase of the High Explosive, as well as an entire bar containing Glucose and approximately 16 ounces of Hydrogen Dioxide.

The officer was forced to warn Zimmerman for the excess speed.

However, a loophole in Texas law does not forbid the covert transportation of the above explosive or other materials.

What Mr. Zimmerman, a self-identified Hispanic, intended to do with the High Explosive has not been disclosed.

Mr. Zimmerman was allowed to leave, with all the above mentioned materials, without further investigation.

(It should also be noted that Mr. Zimmerman also had a legally licensed hand gun in the glove compartment.)