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I’m Smart. I’m Special. I’m Saved.

Why would anyone be opposed to making their own choices in life?

Because making decisions for yourself is lonely… and it leaves you with no one else to blame should something go wrong.

For years I’ve wondered what the resistance was to Free Markets. Once a person has taken the time to understand what voluntary exchange and free-market capitalism really is, how can they not like it? How can an individual not appreciate the power over their own lives and freedom to choose what’s right for them?

Because, while it makes you feel powerful… it doesn’t make you feel powerful enough.

Seems counter-intuitive, I know.

But, if everyone is expected to take care of themselves then what role is left for those who feel they should be making decisions for you?

In other words, if we all take responsibility for ourselves, what work is left for those who want to do the “telling”?  What would “The Deciders” do?

First you must understand who the people are that want to do the “telling” and who are the people who want to be “told”.

These are the same two groups who support the goal of “collective’ rights.

The First group is made up primarily of those people who believe they are smarter than you in every way.

They associate their self-proclaimed omnipotent intelligence to being highly specialized.  They could be a doctor, lawyer or politician. You can even find them working at the Department of Motor Vehicles.

They are found to associate intelligence to geography, such as living in Manhattan, Los Angeles, Vermont, the other side of the railroad tracks, river, etc.

Bear in mind, it does not mean they make particularly good decisions when it comes to their own lives… but that is not a requirement to their self-assigned superiority.

The Second group is a product of our public education system, more or less.

They have been told they are special. In fact they have been taught that there is nothing more important in life than being special, Over and over and over…   And, when you’re “special” you shouldn’t have to do anything.  You should have stuff given to you.  Thus, these people gladly accept what they are “entitled” to.  As long as those who do the “telling” repeat endlessly how wonderful they are, while also giving them other people’s money in the form of government “entitlements”, they will remain placated… and vote accordingly.

So it is not difficult to see how a system of trade and government that does not make them feel this way is so repulsive to them.  It’s easy to see how people like me are a turn off.  Anyone who genuinely promotes self-sufficiency and personal responsibility will find no friends in either group.  While Capitalism gives you supreme power over yourself, your power is small when looking at the world as a whole.  While I would argue this is as it should be… it can be incredibly frightening to many when they realize the Universe doesn’t necessarily need them.

True Capitalism would make the First group feel unimportant… and at the same time depress the Second group.

Unimportant and Depressed…  it sounds like something most of us deal with very early in our lives once we figure out the Universe does not revolve around us.  This should be the healthy maturation process of our species…  yet… we are all contributing tax dollars to keep the paradigm of parent and child alive after the age of majority.

But just when you though it was easy to understand… There is a subgroup which also exists.

A number of people try to be both, and will neglect all aspects of taking care of themselves in order to “help” others so they can feel special.  This behavior is a uniquely destructive phenomenon.  The irony is they have now made themselves a burden on everyone else, thus helping no-one.  This fact misses them entirely.  So much so that if you present them with this truth they will adopt a blank stare.  The rational escapes these folks… helping one person at the expense of two others is not a winning formula.  This group can be the most dangerous… much like a drowning man.  Reason will always escape them.

All three groups genuinely feel we should be Forced to “help” each other… but never Forced to “help” ourselves.

These are the people who subscribe to the Communal theory of government, dividing all of us into permanent classes of the helpers and the helped.

I believe they adopt this point of view, and vote accordingly, because it’s easier than accepting the alternative outlined above.  But there is also a Sinister type of Self-Interest at work.

The First group achieves the Power over others they so crave, the Second Group achieves nothing, but they’re paid for it. The Third group achieves what they believe is Salvation… which, in their minds, elevates them above all others.

(In the end, looking at all of these groups, what is the difference between them and the relationship of the Drug Dealer and the Drug Addicted?  The dynamics are similar in ways we should all find disturbing.)

For the rest of us, all we can do is keep doing our best to meet our needs at our own expense.  We must continue to thrive while trying to drag the above groups along with us into the light of self-reliance.  We must Restore the Stigma that used to be associated with taking other people’s money from the government.  We must be Loud in our disdain.  What choice do we have?

At the same time, we must always resist The Deciders efforts to drag us down into their Social Utopian world of Dependency and Entitlement.



Dear Harry…

Now is your opportunity to attack the Old Cowboy who Embarrassed you!

In case you missed it, Clive Bundy used the word “Negro” when pointing out that African-Americans have been getting the shaft for hundreds of years in this country.

You, Harry, can finally make amends for your statement “… Obama, as a black candidate, could be successful thanks, in part, to his “light-skinned” appearance and speaking patterns “with no Negro dialect, unless he wanted to have one.””

While we all knew exactly what you meant, being the bigot you are… The public will have to decide exactly what Bundy meant.  I view Bundy in much the same light as McCarthy… yep, he’s an A-Hole but was he wrong?  Nope… African-Americans are being subjected to a new form of Slavery when people like you, Harry, shut down the Best Schools which they want their kids to attend and create policies which destroy jobs they might want, etc. etc. etc.  And, Hollywood was Indeed full of Communists… as it still is.


Back to your Embarrassment.

When you, Senator, stated that the Protestors in Utah are “Domestic Terrorists” followed by the assertion that “If these people are Patriots we’re all in trouble“, You’re only half right.

While I understand how frustrating it can be to draw plans and make Huge promises to Big Solar Corporations, and Countries like China, which requires the population doing exactly what you say, I also understand how it could be Embarrassing to have a few hold outs who simply cannot be controlled leading your friends to wonder what power you really have.

As far as you being Half Right, you’re Correct in your assertion that all Socialists, like you, are in trouble when the population resists your designs and your “administration” by force.

It’s worth reminding you that the events which occurred over the last several weeks have been non-violent… at least on the protestors part. It’s difficult to say that on the BLM Commandos part as electrocuting people and killing a man’s cattle might be considered “violent” by reasonable minds.

As far as your deeply felt concern that citizens are MIRRORING the show of force being applied to them… I don’t know how to help you. You certainly know that’s the reason the Second Amendment exists, not duck hunting, Which, of course, is why you Hate it.

For the record;

Violence should be avoided at all costs… by the Citizens most assuredly, but by the Government absolutely.

I’m not sure this is a debate you really want.  But you may not be of right mind.

Most of us out here do not see the Bundy’s as Hero’s, Patriots, or anything else. But what we Do see is an Overreaching, ever increasingly Oppressive Government with people like you at the Helm.

So please keep drawing attention to yourself as it’s useful putting a face on Socialism and how it directly affects each and every one of us.

As far as the Old Cowboy, it seems like you two have more in common than not.

Harry, Get over your being Embarrassed by Clive.

It sounds like time for you two to have a Beer Summit and talk about the plight of the Negro in Modern America.  (And you don’t have to employ a Negro dialect… unless you want to.)