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Are you Doing Better than you were 6-years Ago?

Well… are you?

President Obama say’s you are… that is If he can have the opportunity to explain to you why.

In his latest interview the President was asked if he believed the Democrat Party would retain the Senate Democrat Control. He said, equivocally, “Yes”.

Then he was asked if he really believed the American People were doing better than they were and… basically… if he would like to revisit his last response.

Our President said he did believe the American People were doing better since he’s been President and they would say so if he could just explain to them why.

This is interesting on two points… both not surprising.

1. You’re too ignorant to know how you’re doing.

2. You must be told how to feel about how you’re doing and then what to say when asked.

This is Progressive Dogma laid out for all to see.  Both of these points are what allow Liberal Leftists to say such things with a straight face.  They KNOW this to be true.

Allow me to translate Mr. Obama’s words; The American People will believe they are doing better than they were 6-years ago if we tell them they’re doing better than they were doing 6-years ago.  Kroft… you idiot.

Whether the interviewer recognized it or not this is also an indictment on the Media and the responsibility Leftists expect the Media to shoulder in being a Cheerleader for, and Propaganda Arm of, the Democrat Party. In essence President Obama is blaming the Media for not Telling All of Us how Great things are and it is being reflected in the Polls, possibly in the elections.

It is interesting how the Progressive Mind works.

This entire approach of Socialists, to all things, goes back to Animal Spirits.

Realty is how you perceive it. And you act accordingly.

Thus, if your perception if ‘modified’, Reality can be changed.

Think about that… Reality can be Changed, by Them.

What does all this mean?

It means if the Democrats Lose the Senate it’s the Media’s Fault, and then it’s Your Fault… in that order.

The Media Suck…


You People are Terrible.

You need to get your Minds Right!

Everything is Terrific!

Vote for More of It!  Or we’ll keep blaming you.


Don’t Worry, We Can Make it Worse.

I given a bit of thought lately to why the Obama Administration, and the Progressives in Government, are “doubling down” every time they are caught doing something untoward, illegal and or unconstitutional. Then it dawned on me.

We are all being conditioned to stop resisting.

It’s as old a tactic as time itself. When you take a prisoner you begin the cycle of conditioning them to be compliant. Not only does this make them easier to manage it often results in their cooperation in terms of achieving whatever goals you have in mind.

Here’s how it goes; Once you have power over the Individual when they attempt to resist your commands you make their life incrementally worse. If they resist again you make it worse again. If they comply you then relax the pain… a little. On and on and on until they either are put out of their misery, which serves as an example to others, or they get their mind right and climb on board. Climbing on board could be anything from accepting their fate to aiding you in achieving your ends.

The Socialists in our Government have decided to employ this tactic upon us, the American People.

So now instead of shaking your head in dismay when our elected officials ignore, disregard or impugn the Constitution and its enumerated constraint on power… and then when you call them on it proceed to do even more of the same, you know why.

If you just shut up and cooperate the pain will go away.  Stop bothering us smart folks and do what we tell you to.

Get your mind right.

Repeat the following:

The time for Individual Liberty is antiquated and has long past. Those in power are smarter than you as evidenced by them being in power. And because they are in power, they must stay in power.  Revel in your New Found Freedom of not having to make decisions for yourself. Relax knowing that Free-Markets will never be allowed to exploit you again. Feel empowered that recreational drug use is just around the corner and thinking will no longer be required.  Fairness is here.

Victory to the Proletariat! Forward!

(I’m aware that Proletariat implies working… but don’t worry, they’re going to make sure you don’t have to do that either.)

(Originally posted 010914)