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I pay Half Attention, to Half of Everything, Half of the Time.

This is why I’m better equipped than Half of America to make a statement on this mornings Supreme Court Ruling on Gay Marraige.

This was Half a Victory.

If you’ve been around here for a while you already know that I oppose ‘Gay Marraige’ because I do not subscribe to the premise it is being argued upon.  And today’s ruling, based on a faulty premise, will only serve to cause more angst and division between individuals over the next decades.

First, let me say, today’s ruling is a half step forward…

…but we are all still blindfolded.

The Supreme Court stated unequivocally that the states must license marriage between homosexuals.

So what’s wrong with this and why might I oppose it?


Homosexuals in this country seem to think they have won a major victory…

In truth, none of us won anything today except the reinforcement that Government has ultimate say in what kind of relationships we have.  In other words, the Government has won a victory by retaining the Power to ‘Allow’ us, Gay/Straight/Purple/Green/Etc., to get married.

It’s none of the state’s damned business who I marry… or why.  I certainly shouldn’t be required to pay some bureaucrat to give me their approval!

It absolutely escapes me as how anyone can believe this is a win.

But then I remind myself we have moved so far away from the Supremacy of the Individual upon which this country was founded… so foreign does such a concept sound to our publicly educated population… so dangerous is such an idea to those who are in control and wish to continue to control all of us… forever…

… it all makes sense.

If half of us would make half an effort half the time…

We might quickly see how Government solidifying it’s ability to Force Individuals to bend at the knee is never a victory.

I’m off to get half Drunk…


The Cardinal of The Kremlin

Cardinal Timothy Dolan, exploring homosexuality, decided to address the Marxism preached by Pope Francis.

First, for full disclosure I’m not Catholic.  And, this post has nothing to do with indicting the long-held Leftist views of The Catholic Church.  But there is a very interesting take away from the Cardinals’ statement that needs to have some additional attention… and it has nothing to do with Gay Marriage.

Cardinal Dolan decided to take the opportunity during his reflections of what Pope Francis should and should not do to make it clear The Pope is not a Marxist.  And this is how he did it:

“The Catholic Church is “always concerned about excesses on the left, which is collectivism, socialism, communism, and excesses on the right, which is unfettered, cut-throat capitalism,” Dolan said. “Somewhere in between is the via media, which will come to a fair, equitable, just, economic system.”

Pope John Paul II, having lived under a Communist regime in Poland, “was a bit more sensitive to the excesses on the left. Francis, he’s a bit more sensitive about the excesses to the right.” As Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio, Pope Francis lived under right-wing regimes in Argentina for much of his life.”

Let me help those of you not used to deciphering such speech.  What Cardinal Dolan is saying above is The Church is always concerned when the Left attempts to remove God from the position of Ultimate Authority…  But Capitalism (He’s actually describing Fascism… which is just a Flavor of Socialism/Communism) never Requires God… and this is unacceptable.  What’s interesting is the “Socialism” he says the Church “is always concerned about” and the Capitalism (Actually Fascism) which he describes as “cut-throat” are One in the Same.

He goes on to illustrate my point in the second paragraph of the quote.  Since Pope John Paul II grew up under a Communist Regime he was sensitive to the Horrible Leftist Ideas.  But, since Pope Francis lived under “Right Wing” regimes in Argentina the implication is he is sensitive to supposedly “Capitalist” Ideas.

There is only two things that could be at work here.

Either Cardinal Timothy Dolan knows that there has never been unfettered Capitalism practiced anywhere in the World, as the closest we’ve been able to get is here in the U.S.  Thus, he is intentionally trying to sow confusion in the minds of anyone who is listening…


The Cardinal lives in a Magical Universe where the only Political Spectrum in existence is Socialist in Nature.  There’s No Capitalism… none… to be found anywhere in it.

In Other words, All Governing Theory is Statist and there are only variations with Communism being on the Left Wing of the Spectrum and Fascism (What he, and most Progressive Socialists, describe a Capitalism) being on the Right Wing.  (It’s worth noting that the Catholic Church has practiced Religion as Government for most of it’s existence… and their Theocratic Model would fit somewhere in the Middle of this imaginary Statist Spectrum.)

But either of these options just don’t seem to be the behaviors of trusted men.


Giving Cardinal Dolan the benefit of the doubt, Let’s assume he doesn’t know what Capitalism is.  And, let’s also hope he finds some time for Enlightenment in regard to the One Governing Theory that protects each and every one of us regardless of our RACE, CREED, COLOR, GENDER or RELIGION.  I have Faith.

Until that time, it’s profitable to note, and remind all around you, that Capitalism, Property Rights and One’s Freedom to Choose are what protect Liberty.  This formula is a Profoundly Unique Governing Paradigm, it has been found only one place on Earth.  This might explain Cardinal Dolan’s, and Pope Francis’, inability to understand what the Rare concept in self governance is.

Just to be “fair”, Cardinal Dolan and Pope Francis grew up in Socialist Countries (St. Louis and Argentina) ultimately to reside in Socialist Countries (Manhattan and Italy) so we might want to go easy on them.

If nothing else, this is yet another example of the enormity of our task.  The fact that there are otherwise intelligent people in positions of power who do not know the difference between Capitalism and Fascism… or if they do they don’t want to admit it… tells us that there is much work to do indeed.

I propose we start with the Useful Idiots.  At least we Know they Don’t Know.  Nothing Sinister there, just ignorance.

That, we can work with.

President Bush is a Homophobic Bigot

…because he will not boycott the Olympic Games in Russia.

The Russians have institutionalized bigotry against Gay’s and Transsexuals… not sure about Lesbians, they’re probably OK as long as they’re cute and don’t say anything mean about shirtless KGB Dictators.

The Russians have stated outright they will arrest homosexuals, pretty sure they mean just men, if they are discovered at the Games.

As usual, President Bush is refusing to make this an issue, as would be expected, because of his clearly Homophobic beliefs.

Bush is a dirty bigot.  He’s a Gay bashing Homophobe who deserves to have Chick-fil-A crammed up his you know what.

This kind of Bigotry is nothing new for Evil Tea Bagging  (That’s funny because it’s actually a Gay sex act.  See the irony?  But if you see the irony does it still make sense?  It doesn’t matter, we think it’s funny somehow.  Tee-hee.)  Conservatives and typical from the toothless, gun-toting, idiots on the Right.


Hold on a second….




Never mind.

Wanting to Smoke Pot…

… legally does not make you a Libertarian.

Thinking Gay Marriage approved by the government is the Right idea… does not make you a Libertarian. (Actually, I would offer that it disqualifies you. If you think begging some government bureaucrat to validate your marriage, gay… straight or otherwise, is how it should be then you are certainly not a Libertarian.)

If you believe there should be open borders, only for the United States, which many of you do if you think clearly about what you think you’re thinking… it does not make you a Libertarian.

Let me help here.

While all the above can be part, reasoned rationally, of being a Libertarian,

The first step, the very first step, is being a Free-Market Capitalist.

If you don’t think so, or more likely you don’t know what a Capitalist is except what your friendly Closet Socialist Comedian has told you, then its high time you learn.

Most of you will not do this.

You will not do this because it requires time and effort on your part.  Understanding the meaning of stuff also requires reading, unfortunately the odds are you went to government schools and are Functionally Illiterate so you will not do that either.

Instead, you will continue to allow other people who know what it means, and want to make sure you never learn, tell you what they want you to think it means.

Or better yet, you’ll ask your friends who are equally uninformed explain to you what it means… and you’ll go with that.

Whatever you choose to do, all I’m asking is…

Please stop calling yourself something of which you have no comprehension of its meaning.

Figure your Shit out before playing with the rest of us.

Trust me, it’s worth it.

And the rest of us will thank you… because we want you to play.


A Tale of Two Shooters

Just over  a year ago;

FORT HOOD, Tex. — Wearing a camouflage Army uniform and sitting upright in a wheelchair, the military psychiatrist accused of killing 13 people in a shooting rampage… – NYT


A gunman opened fire on a security guard at the Washington D.C., headquarters of a conservative Christian organization only to be tackled and subdued by the guard whom he had just shot in the arm… – ABC News

The former shooter declared his actions were in defense of Islam and in protest of the American involvement in the Middle East.  It was declared by authorities to be “workplace violence”.

The latter shooter declared his actions were in protest of the Family Research Council’s stance on marriage.  The authorities declared this act “domestic terrorism”.

Please read the above last two lines again.

Anyone?  I have plenty of room in the comments section for explanations.

Is it because the Family Research Council shooter did not work for the organization?  If he had, would that have changed the act by means of motivation?  No?  Then how does this work exactly?

This is not about Islam any more than it is about marriage.  What it is about is intellectual consistency.  We seem to have a very poor relationship with that here in the U.S.

Protesting the Protesters.

What happens when a special interest group has little to complain about?
What happens when a group of people who used to be important faces increasing irrelevance.
Well, you hold a “kiss-in” at a fast food chain.

Let me be clear here. I would no more eat at Chic-fil-A because it’s owned by a Baptist who believes in the traditional view of marriage than I would not eat there because it is owned by a Baptist who believes….

This is not the criteria I use to determine how I make my purchases. I owe myself, and all of you, the duty of choosing the best product to answer my needs as I determine them. I do not first, or second or third, ask myself is the owner of this establishment Jewish, Baptist, Muslim, Gay, Straight etc. The whole idea just seems odd.
That being said, I have to confess I have enjoyed watching the Chic-fil-A drama unfold.
Keep in mind, this started because a man who believes marriage should be between a man and a woman stated this belief during an interview with a Baptist organization.  Holy Crap!
But, what if it was the other way around?
“This all started because a man who believe marriage should between anyone you want stated this belief on an interview with a Gay organization.”
Not such a big deal really, right?
So as far as I’m concerned the tremendous backlash is more a protest of the protesters than support of traditional marriage. (Yes, of course many of those who patronized Chic-fil-A may support traditional marriage but something motivated them to wait in lines, some an hour or more, to get their soggy chicken sandwich.) This is a protest of the protesters. It comes down to this… We are all tired of being pushed around. We hear your discontent without you intentionally attempting to disrupt our lives over a non-issue like some guy stating a belief that we may or may not agree with.  I say non-issue because nobody is dying here.  It’s an issue that should be addressed in my opinion, but it is a massive distraction from the real troubles of the world.
If there is any doubt as to how I feel about this subject please visit “Men Marrying Men“.
Overall, I think the idea of protesting the protester has been a long time coming. In the past too many of us have passively allowed special interest groups to set the protesting agenda. We sat by afraid to say out loud that we may, or more often, may not agree with what ever the protesters were saying. The media, if they agree with the protesters, trot out and dutifully turns the cameras on these people then squeeze the shot so the 10 screamers who came out to hold up signs and hold up traffic looked like “a crowd”. The message, regardless of how inane it might be, is posited in the viewers mind as the “right” and “fair” one.  “It has to be right, I saw it on the news.”

So,  I love free speech! I’m pleased both sides of all the issues have decide to use it. I’m still not going to wait in even a five-minute line for a soggy chicken sandwich.

Let me leave you with a question…

When was the last time the “Gay Community” held a “kiss-in” or any other overtly obnoxious, intentionally provocative, protest in front of a Muslim owned business?  Muslim leaders and business owners have made no secret of their anti-homosexual beliefs.  The sound bites of interviews abound.  So why?

It’s because Baptists don’t kill people who confront them… they serve them breaded chicken on an oily smashed bun.  Almost as bad but not quite.