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6-Points Plus?

Obama’s 2008 win was labeled a Landslide, by many in the press.

It was also called “A Mandate for Change“.  (Well… we definitely got that.)

Keep in Mind, He won by a 6% point margin…

Anyway,  Media Bias is typically addressed only after the fact.  The screams come once the insult is suffered and then lives only briefly in the minds of those with other things to do.  This is a fact… and a complaint.

I have a suspicion however.  I think we are in for it this time around, or, as usual.  In other words, The Leftists will not go quietly.  And, they will certainly not admit defeat.

Here is a “Bias Prep” to ready your election night viewing come 10pm Eastern Time on Nov. 6th.

What will a Romney Victory of 6-Points or More be labeled by the Mainstream Media?

A Landslide?  A Mandate?  A Rejection of Socialism?  The Voice of the People?

Or will we here the Tired Bromide of Racism… or better yet, a “Temper Tantrum“…

I bring this up now because there is plenty of time before the election actually happens and because Romney by no means has this thing in the bag.  Even the clearly Republican engineered “Frankenstorm” designed to suppress the East Coast Socialist Vote may not help…  I knew there was a reason Republicans wanted us all driving SUV’s.

So file this post.  Let’s see how the press handles a Romney Victory should it happen.  (It will happen…)

The Drinking Game should revolve around the Excuses for such a victory.  (It certainly can’t be legitimate… what “journalist” knows anyone voting for Romney?)

I need to start roughing the game out… over a glass of wine.



This has no reference to Senator Al Franken because that would be stupid.

It’s only taken 20 minutes of this story and I’ve decided this storm should be renamed “Election Fatiguestorm“, or “Thank God we have something else to talk Aboutstorm”.

The level of excitement greeting this Possibly severe storm, that Could create difficulties across the East Coast, and Might cause flooding is bizarre but predictable.  And it includes many of my favorite meaningless words.  The only ones missing are Love and Fair.

Here’s the skinny…

The Media’s guy is losing, people are finally beginning to understand certain economic issues, and the Left is out of October Surprises.  So, no surprise.

Be afraid.  Be very, very afraid. Pay no attention to politics. Stop thinking.

I’m not even going to discuss the mindset that allows such a weather phenomena to occupy the headlines when it will be isolated to the East Coast. The reason I’m not going to talk about it is because everyone knows that Physicists, working for CNN, determined the center of the Universe to be located on the island of Manhattan years ago. So it’s old news.  And, it would be stupid just like anything to do with Al Franken.

I’m going to go pop a beer, a pain-killer, some corn, and settle in on the couch to watch the ever-changing terror forecasts as this behemoth “bares down on the East Coast”.  I will be wearing my Munch mask.

Oh wait… no I wont.  Because I don’t give a crap about the East Coast accept that when some idiot farts in the security line at Hartsfield and it delays all the flights headed West.

Enjoy your stupid storm and make sure to cast your stupid vote so we can keep guys like Obama… and Al Franken in office making stupid decisions for you.