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The Electoral College is Stupid!

The Electoral College is Stupid because it was created by Gun Toting, Slave owning, God Believing Syphilitic Old White Men with Bad Teeth over 200 years ago.  And, they wore wigs… men should not wear wigs.

Oh, and I have a college education but still don’t have any idea what it is or why we have it… because all explanation of it has been intentionally deleted from what was once called Academic Rigor.

Please allow me a few words of informal, drunken, ‘lower’ education…

First, we are a Democratic Republic. We are NOT a Democracy.  Democracy Sucks.

If you don’t understand the difference between A Representative Republic and a Democracy (aka Mob Rule) then stop here and spend a quality moment with your Googler.

Okay, now for the simplest explanation of the Electoral College I can attempt to convey.

The Electoral College are our representatives who gather to formally deliver each States will in regard to who is to be elected President of the United States.

This is about States Rights… something else you were intentionally not taught all through your ‘higher’ education. If needed, whip out your Googler again and search Federalism as well as the Tenth Amendment (That bothersome Inalienable Right which rounds out the Bill of Rights.)

So yes, your vote matters. But it only matters in the State in which you live.

Got it?

Now let me explain to you why you should like this whole Electoral College thing.

Let’s take just four states; Florida, California, Illinois and New York.

Florida has a current population estimated at 20,270,000 people, therefore the State is allotted 29 Electoral Votes.

California has a current population estimated at 39,140,000 people, therefore the State is allotted 55 Electoral Votes.

Illinois has a current population estimated at 12,860,000 people, therefore the State is allotted 20 Electoral Votes.

New York has a current population estimated at 19,800,000 people, therefore the State is allotted 29 Electoral Votes.

Still with me?

This gives just these four States an overall population of 92,070,000 people with a combined 133 Electoral Votes.

The Population of the United States is currently Estimated at 330,000,000 People.
Of those, Roughly 140,000,000 of them Vote in Presidential Elections.

If the Founders were Foolish enough to be into Mob Rule (aka Democracy), just these four States, assuming their populations all voted monolithically, would rule the entire country.

Just the 92,070,000 person “Popular Vote” of these four States create an Overwhelming Majority against the overall Voting population.

We could change our name to New Califlorinois.

But luckily for all of us… they were not Fools.

In the Electoral College these four States have 133 total Electoral Votes…

Not only did the Founders see the Danger of Democracy (aka Mob Rule) being exercised all over the World with Horrific results, they recognized that Centralized Governments only expand in size, scope and power over the people leading to oppression, death and destruction. Their Mission was to Protect You From Government.  This is exactly why we were created as a Representative Republic. (But you know this already because just a few moments ago you were busy with your Googler. By the way, it is a myth that Googling yourself will cause you to go blind or grow hair on your palms, I know this from a lot of personal experience. A lot.)

The Founders knew that just because one resided in a specific State it did not make that person Smarter, or Better, than the souls living outside of those States.

They wisely believed the rest of the United States should have at least some say in what direction the country moves in.

So, Do you Still Think the Electoral College is Stupid?



What if all four of those States “Popularly” voted Republican?

I suspect you wouldn’t be happy about that.