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Cuba Welcomes the United States into the Fold

Cuba has finally determined that the United States has made the appropriate commitments to International Socialism and is rewarding our country with diplomatic recognition.

As a gift for what the Cuban Government considers giant steps forward in Progressive Leftism, an Embassy will be opened in Washington D.C.

I would like to personally extend congratulations to the current Administration in moving this country Forward through their dedicated efforts.

I would also like to thank all of those Liberal Democrats, and Leftist Republicans, for their Embrace of the Internationale.

I would finally like to thank the American People who have supported our Homegrown Communists and propelled them into elected office, faithfully, year after year.

Salud, Comrades!


Symbolism Over Substance

After President Obama’s comments  during an interview with an NBC reporter in which he stated he ‘regretted the optics’ of racing out for a round, or two, of Golf after addressing the Nation regarding a Video of an ISIS Terrorist Hacking the Head off of an American Journalist with a Knife, I must restate an observation.

Liberalism, Progressivism, Socialism, Leftism… whatever you want to call it… is about Symbolism not Substance.

President Obama made it very clear he regretted the way his Golf Game was viewed… however, not the FACT he went out to play a game after the country was presented with such a horrific act.  Let me clarify, not just the Country but the entire World was presented with this atrocity and our President went out and played Golf.

The President is a genuine Democratic Socialist.  He’s the Real Deal.  The primary concern is how you see himnot what he does.

The Left can never have it any other way.

The reason for this is that you would NEVER like the substance if it were presented to you in an easy to understand, straight forward way. Never.

All that remains is Symbolism.

Democratic Socialists cannot allow themselves to be judged by what they are doing.  They must control the exposure the receive to insure You make all of your judgments of them based on Feelings… never Actions and Facts.

When Democrats Say they care about you and not just your vote… when Liberals claim to seek Equality… when both Democrats and Republicans pretend to champion Freedom and Liberty of the Individual, as our founders intended, they are employing Symbols. They have No Intention of following through with any of those things.  ‘It’s just the flowery rhetoric used to influence the Masses and get elected.’ – Every Liberal Republican and Democrat

Over 100-years ago Alcohol was removed as a viable way to but votes.  Now all they have left is to Lie to you, in any and every fashion you will accept.

And Lie they Do…

You’ll notice when the Masses push back, as in the case of the above Golf Game, Leftists will lament the way ‘it looked’ and not the act itself.  Then they will change the Lie, distract you with something else, or more often than not blame You for seeing it that way.

Why?  Because they know it works.

If they can ply you with imagery, powerful words and appealing promises, you have demonstrated, over and over, you will happily keep them in power.

In the End, that’s all that matters… To them.

And it is Your Fault.

Once you begin to watch what they DO in comparison to what they SAY it is a life-changing moment.  You will question all you think you know and believe.

But, you have to be intellectually honest enough with yourself to watch Them All… not just the ones you think… or someone else tells you to think… you disagree with.

It should make you uncomfortable… very uncomfortable.


Just Concede!

This is the new Slogan for United States Foreign Policy…

and now Domestic Policy as well.

Apparently what limited effectiveness being demonstrated on the Border, just as overseas, had to be addressed.

So the Current Administration has handed down new rules dictating how our Border Patrol must conduct themselves.

From this day Forward! Border Patrol officers must retreat when faced with suspects throwing rocks.  The Officers will no longer be allowed to defend themselves.

It seems Border Patrol Agents have become too effective at deterring individuals who wish to travel to this country without entering legally…  In the simplest terms, Border Enforcement has been oppressing those who are seeking Amnesty here in the United States.

You might be saying to yourself “… this is ridiculous.”,  Among other things.

I would offer, It makes Complete Sense.

When you’re dealing with an extremely Complicated World having different policies for issues that arise Overseas versus those issues which occur right here at home is Counterproductive.  Not only that, It’s difficult, hard to manage and exhausting.  In fact, it can lead to Vast Confusion… even a break down in Morale.

In order to offer a happy, safe and nurturing workplace for U.S. Domestic Military the Administration has decided to make sure the Rules are Consistent, Transparent and Known by all.  And, they would only subject to change, without notice, by Administration Officials occasionally.  Above all, Consistency is the most important Policy Goal… unless determined otherwise.

Promoting a Friendly Border, just like our current Promotion of a Friendly Europe and South America, is incredibly important.  So the Replication of U.S. Foreign Policy within our National Borders is logical and will be Warmly Welcomed, once Those effected understand the Benefits.  The result, and implementation period, of this Improvement should mirror the Enormous Successes experienced with the Affordable Care Act.

It is Exactly this type of Progressive Thinking which will lead the United States into the 20th Century and elevates our status among Nations.  It is also this type of Mindset which will accelerate the realization of The New American Man.

Just Concede!

It’s more than a Slogan, it’s more than A Way of Life, it’s more than the Right Thing to Do…

It’s the New Normal!

You’ll get used to it, or not.

It Doesn’t Really Matter!

(“It’s Doesn’t Really Matter!” is a license Trademark of the Hillary 2016 Campaign and should not be used without express permission.  “Forward!”, “Just Concede!” and “It’s the New Normal!” are being borrowed with consent from Organizing For America and CPA respectively.)

The Sins of Our Fathers

(On demand… from the Archive… 092912… Happy May Day Socialists.)

Without Fail, when a Leftist is pressed to offer up some of the many Sins committed by “Neo-Cons” (Or whatever derogatory label is fashionable among Liberals) they will eventually arrive to our doing business with Tyrants in the Middle East. They will say this illustrates our hypocrisy in believing we should do the “right thing” while clearly not doing so overseas.  (They will throw “oil” in there somewhere… always.  Sometimes randomly between words.)

I agree…

We can no longer tolerate the Sins of Our Fathers.  Because they were clearly all unenlightened, syphilis ridden, ignorant a-holes.

Using the Logic of the Left, I propose one of two solutions to this hypocrisy we so flamboyantly espouse.

First, we can stop doing “the right thing at home”, in fact we should stop even talking about it. We should just shelve Freedom and Liberty of the Individual.  Get rid of Property rights altogether and finally surrender complete control of business to the EPA.  This way we can continue to “not do the right thing” and keep the Middle East destabilized with none of that terribly bothersome hypocrisy which so deeply concerns the Left.


We could support the current Administrations approach and “do the right thing” by “stabilizing” the Middle East. Don’t worry, they haven’t given up on most of the first solution, but there’s plenty of time.  So, this option would allow us to maintain our lofty speech here at home with absolutely no conflict with our policies in the Middle East.  We will give them Mob Rule by funding Democracy in their respective countries.  We’ll tolerate the destruction of our property and killing of our citizens… all the while apologizing.

So let’s look at these…

The first approach would be the anti-thesis of what the United States stands for and would run opposed to what it’s citizens deserve and should expect, but would keep an enemy sworn to the destruction of the west at bay.  So, who cares?  As long as we’re safe, right?…  The leftists in both parties have tried this for years.  We just don’t seem to go for it.

The second solution would allow a newly “stabilized” enemy to marshal all of its resources on the final defeat of the west and most likely lead to the next world war.  Perfect.  Let’s do this one!

So what’s wrong with the earlier approach taken by those stupid a-holes?

Passing Judgement on the past while offering ridiculous solutions for the future is the purview of sophomores.  But that is what we are being offered by this current Administration.

So… those horrible Halliburton loving war-mongering a-holes knew what they were doing?  May be.

Lest we forget, it is our allegiance to the Individual American Citizen that we must honor. Our only obligation is to sustain the freest country on Earth for all to see, so they can emulate or emigrate. We owe no other state on earth anything that is not beneficial to our Freedom, Liberty and Safety.  Period.

The United States is the most generous nation on Earth. Once upon a time it would not have been debated that it was even the most powerful. Times are changing, and not for the better.

If you ask me… these are the real Sins of Our Fathers. The appeasement of Fabian Socialists and the drip, drip, drip of their Third Way.  It’s time to take the country back from those who wish for a One World Solution and return it to its rightful place of prominence. The exact positioned earned because of the brilliant way we were founded. We must put ourselves back at the front of the line for those who wish to live Free.

Let the rest of the world embrace Free-Market Capitalism and Individual Property Rights.  In my opinion, the Revolution has been headed on the wrong direction for 100 years.  We have allowed the Statists to govern unchecked for far too long and we can go no further.

When presented with the opportunity to strengthen those sworn to your destruction, do you?

When given the chance to duplicate policies that lead to world wars, such as monetary devaluation, do you do that too?

When you’re looking over the edge of the 1000 ft. cliff do you turn around to those behind you and scream “Forward!”?

You do if you’re a Leftist, and you’re in the White House.