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You Asked For It!

Like the Spouse caught cheating… “It’s your fault for asking!”

“Of course my excuse about my afternoon hotel stays with clients was so stupid… you demanded it right away!  What did you think you’re going to get?”

So the Latest Round of To Tell the Truth – The Benghazi Edition is “When you demand an answer right away this is what you get”.  “You People are so Dumb!”

I will go back once again to what I have said from the start. If you don’t have an answer… Say Nothing.  This is what I expect from my government.  Keep in mind however… it will not dissuade me from continuing to ask.

But the interesting part, and that which only leads to keeping this story alive is;  The projection of blame requiring an ever-changing narrative.  Obama has run out of women to point a finger at… save Michelle… and I kind of think he’s physically afraid of her.  Probably prudent.  So, over the last couple of weeks… He’s tried blaming the State Department as a whole, The DIA, The CIA, and of course Mitt Romney…  none of it seems to be sticking to the wall.

Which brings us to today…

“We gave you what we had right away!  It’s your fault for asking!”  (While this is demonstrably not true, that’s not the point.)

The new tack is to blame everyone who wanted to know what was going on “right away”.  In a way it’s genius.  If you can’t convince anyone, anywhere, that it’s the fault of the specific people you want to blame… then accuse EVERYONE.  Take That!

How Dare You!”  The fact that you’re asking any questions what-so-ever is a direct insult to our entire Intelligence and Diplomatic “corpse”.  Don’t Question Me!

I’ve decided to start using this same tactic… it’s the perfect excuse for everything, all the time.  Because, someone will always “demand” to know right away what is going on.  And, it’s a far better way to handle “the Nosey” than sending out the clowns to offer up explanations crafted at the desks of Late Night writers. (An aside: Little of their stuff is ever funny in the first place, and certainly not in this case.)

But, Tonight’s Debate is the end of the road. Blaming the Victim is all they have left… and they’re going to use it to whatever advantage they can.  You don’t think so?  Consider this… They’re still trying to gin up anger over Romney making a factual statement the morning of the attack. How Dare he say something that is so true, so quickly!… I mean, how political can you get?

Well Media, you ready to shoulder the blame for doing your jobs? You all should have just SHUT UP! and waited for the information if-and-when the Administration decided what the story was, and then if-and-when they decided to provide it.  It’s about time you open up your Little Red Style Book and review the rules! “Because who are you going to believe?  Me? or your damn lying eyes?”

So bend over and,

Remember who you work for.


Tonight I’m drinking every time Obama tries to swing the topic back to domestic policy.  It could get sloppy.