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Panic, Apprehension or Just not Taking it Seriously

Okay Folks…

Apparently it’s time to have a conversation about our current predicament.

I’m seeing you falling into three categories.

You’re either Panicking, you’re Apprehensive or you’re Failing to Take this Seriously.

Allow me to explain why Ebola is such a big deal… Shep…

Ebola has the ability to outrun our capability to treat those infected with it at an exponential rate. That means it can go from 1 person to 1000 people to 100000 people to 10000000 people so quickly as to boggle the mind. It is also why the CDC has adopted the Kevin Bacon role from Animal House and is running around screaming “Stay Calm! All is Well!” when clearly it is not.

That being said…

There is No downside to Panic.

However, using all of that Duct Tape and Rolled Plastic Sheeting, we were advised by our Government to have readily available after 9/11, to wrap your entire house is a bit of an overreaction… at this point.  Same with wearing trash bags to the grocery store, wrapping your self in cellophane (unless you’re into that), etc.

There is Genuine Value in Apprehension.

Staying informed but not Freaking Out is the best way to handle All of the information we receive everyday.  Pay Attention.  Just like you should be doing All the Time.  I know you’re Doing that, right?  Of course you are.

Now let’s get to Not Taking this Seriously…

Let me just address this point with what Not to Do.

If you know you’ve been exposed to an infected persons Feces, Blood, Vomit, Saliva, Sweat, Tears, Clothing, Furniture, etc… even using the CDC’s brilliant, failsafe, ‘protocols’…

You Should Not:

Fly in a Cramped Airplane back and Forth across the Country.  Repeatedly.

Go on a Cruise.

Have a Family Reunion in a Sweat Lodge.

Ride the Subway.

Take a Cab around town.

Squeeze all the Fruit in the Produce Aisle.

Compete in a Drink-till-you-Vomit Contest.

Give Blood.

Get a Massage.

Give a Massage.


French Kiss your Friends.

French Kiss your Neighbors.

Try on Underwear at the Department Store.

For that matter, Try on Underwear that is not yours… anywhere.

Frequent Locker Rooms.

Frequent Public Toilets.

Frequent the Gym.

Do ANY of the Above Naked.

This list can be expanded by applying Common Sense.  Not sure what this is?  Link Here.


Speaking of Common Sense…

What you Folks in Government should Not do:

Don’t Scream that we should all Be Calm.

Don’t appoint an Ebola Czar who has No Medical Training and Whose Major Accomplishment was to Fund Solyndra with Taxpayer Dollars.

Don’t Continue to simultaneously state diametrically opposed positions regarding the dangers of Ebola just to make sure nobody can accuse you of not telling the Truth.  If you feel you must do this then assign it to Bill Clinton as he is, Historically, the only person on Earth who can get away with it.

Don’t tell us to ‘Trust the Protocols’ when they are failing before our very eyes.

And, Don’t continue to address the American Public as if they are composed Primarily of Pre-Adolescent Children.  And no, Pre-Adolescent has not yet been reclassified as under 26-years of Age.  Yet… I’m sure you’re working on that.  If you can just get a Consensus…





Manufacturing a Market Crash

…just isn’t as easy as it used to be.

It wasn’t long ago you could just make a call to Lehman Brothers or Goldman Sachs and have them sell off large amounts of specific equity positions. The Market would take the cue and a wide sell-off would materialize.  Everybody would Freak Out.  The Party who had the most friends in the right place on Wall Street would win whatever argument they wanted to win.  It was great!

But it appears tough times for the Obama Administration as the Fed has installed “circuit breakers” in order to control swift and sudden drops in the market.

So we have watched the market drop gently.  Very gently.  Sleepily even.

It’s a lot like a Drunk Driver coming towards you at a blazing 1 mph.  It just doesn’t have the same effect.

Those of us who participate actively in the market are simply “stepping out-of-the-way”.

There is no panic to be found.

Barack just can’t get a break.


…Or, Why Regular People are Democrats.

We all desperately want to think we’re smart.

Or at least “smarter” than the other guy.

There is a deep insecurity in all of us that we may be asked a question regarding something we know nothing about.  We will go to great lengths to avoid appearing “stupid”…  we will make things up… we will avoid those who might ask those questions… we will lash out at those who do… and those who are very good at all the above may find themselves elected to public office.

But in the end, we will do anything, anything, anything!.. not to look “dumb”…except learn.

There is no debate here and each of you reading this know it to be true.

The problem is that none of us want to do the work to educate ourselves and have a well formulated opinion.  Instead we decide how we “feel” about any given topic and that’s it.  If there is any extra effort it is only in finding those that “feel” the same way and repeating what they say… which is typically repeating what someone else who “feels” the same way said to them.

The Left knows this.  Lenin wrote on this phenomenon’s importance to any success Socialism might enjoy.

So, instead of promoting you becoming informed… they offer you a way to “appear smart”.

Just BE a Democrat/Leftist/Socialist/Liberal… it’s that simple.

All that’s required of you is to proudly proclaim your enlightened status when asked, and then vote accordingly.  That’s it!  You’re “smart” with none of that annoying homework or additional effort trying to understand anything rationally.

And the ancillary benefit is you get free stuff!  Cool T-shirts, Too clever by half Bumper Stickers, Free Phones, Endless Unemployment checks, $500 million for your idea the market isn’t interested in, etc.  When you consider it, who wouldn’t want to be a Democrat?

(What’s interesting is this doesn’t apply to Republicans.  If you decide to be a Republican you’re transformed  instantly into a toothless, racist, redneck, sleeping with a family member.  On the upside you’re also drunk and carrying a gun.  Even if your Black!  On a more serious note, Liberal Republicans have no “Insecurity” excuse.  They are simply power-hungry Statist/Leftists manipulating democrats who happen to call themselves Republicans because that’s what their parents were. But I digress…)

This is why it is so important for Democrats to position themselves as the “smartest people in the room” thus making all others, in their minds, stupid by default.  It is why Democrats get so angry when someone, anyone, points out the deficiencies of their arguments.  This is an important distinction… they don’t become calm and rational while wishing to argue rationally to further the discussion, instead they become angry.

What the Liberals fail to understand is that nobody knows everything.  Not anyone.

Certainly there are people who excel in areas such as medicine, law, politics etc.  But ask these people to rebuild a carburetor, or throw together a 5-course meal for 20 people in an hour, or manage their own business and suddenly their abilities come up short.  In other words, we all have our areas of specialization.

And, in regard to specialization, there is no area of expertise that we excel at greater than our own lives.  There is not a single person on earth who knows whats best for you better than You!  There are a great number of people who may have valuable advice at certain times throughout your life, but none of them know enough about you to make your decisions for you.

But the idea of making your own decisions, and being held responsible for those decisions, is scary.  Very, very scary.

And the Left knows this too.

That’s why they’re there for you…

So be “smart”, be a Democrat.  They have all that nasty decision-making crap taken care of for you… and before you go, have some free stuff.  It’s totally cool, ask any Millionare-Movie Star.

(Interestingly enough, It’s all very similar to cigarette advertising.  It too created addicts bent on destroying their lives.  This might be another post…)