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Cheer for the FCC! The Internet is Saved!

In a thrill only NAMBLA could generate, rejoicing can be heard across coffee shops everywhere!


Because, the FCC has created law to make it legal for Inappropriate Touching of the Internet’s private parts.

In a 3-2 vote today FCC commissioners overstepped their constitutional bounds and enacted new regulations which are still, at this tapping, being hidden from the American Public.

Self described tech-geeks everywhere are jumping up and down in their underwear screaming with glee, leaving their mothers no choice but to throw open the basement door and yell at them to be quiet.

It’s no wonder they’re so happy, they have won a Victory for Government Control over the only lifeline they possess to the outside world.

The above¬† combined with their Public School Programmed knowledge of Free-Market Capitalism and the miracles it produces, miracles they are heavily involved with like Porn and You Tube Buffering Speeds, it is no wonder they’ve yet figured out how to leave home.

These same children are celebrating the Dirty, Calloused hand of Government slowly fondling its way to places it doesn’t belong while whispering “Do you like that?”¬† And, they’re happy about it because the other ancient, soiled, palsied fist is supposedly full of candy.

That has yet to be seen.

Even if it is… how much candy makes it worth surrendering your independence?

History has shown us it leads to a lifetime of regret.

But only for the victims.

Such is a Devils Promise.


I just want to make sure I Understand…

From the people who brought you the NSA, who listen to your phone calls, read every text and archive every e-mail you have ever sent… or received…

…You want to hand over control of the Internet?

Any Leftist/Progressives out there want to help me wrap my admittedly small mind around this?

I’m willing to listen, read and remember… just like those folks you suddenly trust.