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Declaration and Exemption

How do those we disagree with secure power over us?

They declare onerous rules and then exempt everyone, particularly themselves and their associates, from them.  (Can you think of any current examples?)

Why do they do this?

Because in doing so they secure the authority to create the rules… with your acquiescence as demonstrated by your silence.

When they begin making decisions exercising Control over you and you object, they act surprised.  When the time comes to challenge these people, it’s too late.
You have already been marginalized.

Silence is Consent… whether you mean it to be or not.

Unless you confront our leaders whenever they step outside the boundaries set by the U.S. Constitution, you concede your Freedom to them.  You promote your own slavery.  This, of course, requires you knowing what’s in the U.S. Constitution.  You might want to take the five minutes needed to read it.  Then repeat that exercise often.  I do.

By the way, I Declare that I am King of the World.  However, for two years none of you will be effected.



What do you call…

…someone who doesn’t mind you getting screwed so long as it doesn’t happen to them?

Do you call them a Friend?

What do you call the Labor Unions who want an exemption from Obama Care?

What do you call the Federal Government who want an exemption from Obama Care?

What to you call the Large Corporate Entities that want an exemption from Obama Care?

And what do you call the Religious Institutions that want an exemption from Obama Care?

Do you call these people your Friends?

When it is so horrible that everyone above, especially those in charge of implementing it, want desperately to escape it…

Why do they think it’s OK for the rest of us?  Why do some among us think it won’t be “Fair” until we ALL have Crappy Health Care… except for THEM?

And, who ARE these Individuals that care so little about people not in their “special” groups?

This is Balkanization, and the terrible people who believe in it, on parade.

I can think of a lot of things to call these people… “Friend” is not one of them.