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EU on the Rocks…

So… here we are again.

The Epic Failure of Socialism is being laid out on the world stage for all to see.

This time it’s the EU.

Let me line this out in the simplest terms;

The guy who is working and doing well for himself (Germany) is not interested in continuing to support the guys that are not working and don’t take care of themselves (Greece and Spain… soon Portugal followed by the rest of the group sooner than later.).

There you go.  That’s it.  And it’s always that simple.

Granted all are Socialist, and all consider themselves the smartest countries (people) in the room (world)… but isn’t that also how it always is?

Even Socialists don’t like Socialism when it comes right down to it… they just use the idea to stay in power.

How many times must we (U.S.) experience the first hand failure of Socialist ideas? We personally suffer from bankrupt brilliance such as Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security.  We watch the total collapse of the workers paradise in the Soviet Union and Cuba… we see China moving as quickly as possible (possible meaning just fast enough for those in power to stay in power) and yet we double down on our current march to progressive utopia.

The reason we keep reliving this scenario is because the self assessed smartest people in the room do not like Individual Liberty, Capitalism, and the Free-Market that sustains both of them.  The reason they don’t like the above is that it doesn’t require their input… only their participation on their own behalf.

When President Bush was asked what the American people can do to rally themselves after the 9/11 attacks he said “Go shopping.”  There, of course, was laughter from the Left.  Then a shaking of their collective heads regarding how “stupid” or President was.  But this reaction was predictable, there is far more to this statement than any Liberal can comprehend… because they cannot envision a society that doesn’t need to be planned by them.  They have been taught that Adam Smith “created” free exchange rather than simply observing it as a state of nature. (The default state of economics)  Economic activity was exactly what we needed and it was exactly the way the common citizen could participate in fighting those who wished to destroy our way of life.  With not a small dose of ironic laughter… isn’t it funny that the current administration is chasing that very same desire,  that we all go shopping?

So, here we are again.  We will all be treated to front row seats to the total meltdown of European Socialism… live.  Hopefully some on this side of the pond will learn, finally, that Socialism sucks… the life out of everyone and everything.

Don’t fool yourself into thinking Leftists will go away anytime soon however, because those in control don’t easily leave the stage.  Like I just said, they can’t imagine a world that doesn’t need them planning it.

There is one benefit to all of this…

French wine should get cheaper before it’s all over.

(Originally Posted 053112)

Hearding the Crimson Cats

It must be frustrating to be a Socialist in the United States right now…

So close!  So very close…

And yet there is fear.

While Democratic Socialism is imploding in Europe, the true believers continue to push forward.   While “austerity”, which used to be known as fiscal responsibility, is being proposed in order to save the EU from a complete meltdown the Socialists will have none of it.  (The Socialist Party will secure the majority in the parliament of France this week.)

The Left is determined to destroy the current paradigm in Europe (just as they are in the U.S. and elsewhere) but they are getting in the way of a much larger goal.

In their refusal to listen to (take orders from) President Obama they are giving the entire world a glimpse of what they really want.  The total and complete collapse of everything remotely resembling free-markets and individual rights.  It is desirable to them… it is their stated goal… not something to be avoided or concerned about.  Marxists will tell you that in order to rebuild you must first have a “clean” canvas.  Marx told us that the complete collapse of Capitalism is what must happen before the Social Utopia will be realized.

We (non-socialists) watch what is going on in disbelief.  We “can’t” (don’t want to) believe that there are people out there who wish to destroy our way of life so that they can design it the way they think is best.  It seems beyond our comprehension, but it is not… we just don’t want to confront what that really means.  And we don’t want to think of what that would require of us… how we see our friends who espouse liberal ideas… the energy we will have to expend in trying to stay informed and aware… the sacrifices and personal responsibility we will have to shoulder in order to protect our way of life.  It’s uncomfortable.

But no matter how we want to “feel” about it, there is an ideological war going on, and it has been for 100 years.  Free-market Capitalism has been incrementally losing for all of that time.  The European Social Democrats finally see their opportunity to seize the day and have fully committed.  The Free-Market Capitalists are nowhere to be seen.

However, President Obama sees clearly that the American people are watching.  The 24-hour news cycle, government caused housing catastrophe and individuals involvement in the markets through their 401k’s have provided them with a better understanding of trade and economics.  (Getting better everyday.)  This better understanding is leading them to see the conflict in front of them.  The conflict of two mutually exclusive ideas.  Socialism (the ideology of subjugation) vs. Capitalism (the ideology of individual freedom).

Here is the risk for the U.S. Left: The voters might come to their senses before we pass the point of no return.  This possibility has our homegrown Progressives concerned… if the “masses” in the U.S. wake up soon enough, through the election process they could begin rolling back some, most or all of the Socialist scheme’s foisted upon them over the last 10 decades.  From the point of view of Leftists like president Obama et al, this is very inconvenient.  The Left cannot allow this to happen.  Their dilemma is they control the public schools, mass media and an entirety of one, plus most of the other major political parties… what else can be done?  They are relying on you not getting up to speed fast enough to stop them… this is where we are.

(For Anti-Socialists like me…This is what makes the next series of U.S. elections so very important.  It goes far beyond voting for your favorite guy, or the most handsome or best speaker.  It goes far beyond “wasting your vote to teach them a lesson“.  It is really about the beginning, the first steps down the road, of returning to the rights of man and a country our founding fathers envisioned.)

For the Worlds Progressive Leftists it’s about the brass ring.  It’s about winning a war they have been fighting right in front of you since the day you were born.

But U.S. Leftists realize how important American participation in this “beautiful transition” is.  The problem remains getting the world’s Leftists in lockstep is like herding Crimson Cats… they remain red, but keep going their own directions.

In this there is hope.

There is hope… in personal education, and open discussion, of economics and individual freedom.  There is hope in demanding the press do their job and keep politicians in check whether they happen to like them or not.  There is hope in initiating cordial conversations which challenge your friends to explain their points of view out loud so they have to make an effort to think about what they think.  There is hope… if you don’t give up and give in.

The United States is the last country on Earth that is in a position to represent the individual.  The Socialists have control over all the other countries… and how is that working out for the self-proclaimed “smartest people” in the room?

Unfortunately, they would tell you “pretty well”.

Keep an eye on the cats.

(For any of you Leftists who suffered through this entire missive, let me ask you a question.  When has it ever worked out well for the Proletariat?  Pour yourself a cold glass of Moskovskya and think about that for a while.)

(Originally posted 061112)

Born Again SA

This is an “informational post”.

It will be short… but it is a turn of events we should all be aware of.

Currently the Greek Police are referring complaints and requests for help to an outside source.  They are referring the distressed individual to a group called “Golden Dawn”.  Golden Dawn is a Socialist/Fascist group that has been called “Neo-Nazi”.

Story below:


Imagine you call 911 and the dispatcher tells you to call your local KKK representative… and then provides you the number.

Why is this important?

Flashback: The German Workers Party soon to be the National Democratic Socialist Party, otherwise known as NAZI’s, gained popularity by providing “security” in their neighborhoods.  The groups providing said security were known as the SA and were marshaled by a man named Rohm… a personal friend of Adolph Hitler.  Their friendship gave Hitler a localized “army”, or security force, outside of the German Government that enabled the foundation leading to the SS and SD.   I will not bore you with more history…  it’s enough to know it’s bad.

This is how it starts… and we have very recent history to illustrate it.

When the police give up… when they openly support Socialist/Fascist thugs… when it’s happening in countries many Liberals who reside in the U.S. believe to be enlightened… it’s time to pay attention.

Thank you for your time.

Now back to your regularly scheduled blog reading.

What does “limited” mean?

When the EU/European Socialists say something is limited as in “the movement of people and money” as in today’s AP newswire, what do they mean?
When a Statist uses the word “limited” they are not referring to scarcity. What they are saying is that they, their families, their friends and their business associates will be able to move themselves and their money out-of-the-way of danger… and you will not.
What you must understand is that if this EU Collapse is to be avoided it will require wealth and labor remaining within its borders… just not the wealth and labor of those powerful enough not to have to risk its failure.

This is Socialism 101.

Instead of allowing “the market” to speak and run as fast as it can away from decades of very, very bad ideas, they will throw the bodies of the proletariat on the fire in order to buy themselves time to move their wealth into the BRIC or US Equities etc. They will “sacrifice” their population in order to save themselves.

There is nothing new here…
but what’s sad is there is nothing new here.

Honesty in France?

We are witness to a rare moment of honesty in France.

The French have elected a person who is brazen enough to actually call themselves a Socialist instead of just acting like one and calling themselves something else.

We could use such clarity in the United States… as Americans have always been confused by European politics.

The Left in this country (U.S.) rely on your being ignorant and remaining that way.  If you actually understood what they stand for it would be over for them.

What almost all Americans fail to grasp is the Europeans know only Socialism. So when they say things like “the right-wing is resurging in Greece with the rise of the Neo-Nazi’s”, American media make sure Americans associate “Right Wing” with Conservatives… this couldn’t be any further from the truth. Nazi’s (a Leftist ideology of government force) are “right-wing” only if the entire spectrum is socialist.

There is no place for Capitalism in European politics. Keep in mind that centuries of monarchy do not lend to individual rights. The Aristocracy has been in charge for thousands of years and have cemented their place in government… they will not give it up as they cannot see any system which doesn’t include them.

So this requires you, the reader, to make an effort.

You will have to educate yourself in regard to what labels mean.

Basic examples are “NAZI” (Fascism) which is actually a far Left ideology, yet the Left would like you to believe it applies to the right in this country.  “Liberal” is classically one who subscribes to individual/natural rights (and still does mean this in Europe), but the Left has adopted it in the U.S. and changed its meaning to represent communal rights meaning I have a RIGHT to your stuff… they must keep you confused and uninformed.

It will always be your job to stay educated.  Nothing stated above is a matter of opinion (save the assumed distaste of Socialism) and is available to you for sources dating back to Plato.  Don’t trust me, do the work yourself, your happiness depends on it.

If you fail to do this you will always be a tool of the Left… even when you don’t think you are.

Europe is Awesome!

Why do we in the U.S. entertain discussions regarding European Social Democracy as a model to emulate when it is clearly outside the founders’ document and its subsequent amendments? It’s because we, the people, have no idea what that document and those amendments are.  We have no idea why they exist… and really… who cares?

Europe is AWESOME!

A number of us have saved up a bunch of money and hopped the pond for vacation.  Apparently what we come away with is having pockets full of disposable income and no job to worry about for two weeks is what it must be like over there all the time. Then we determine that those Europeans on perpetual vacation MUST be smarter than us. In fact, they must be geniuses!  Look at how much fun they must be having!

Once we get back to the states, back to our boring job and back to having no money in our pockets… it dawns on us that everything they did over there is far better than what we do over here.  It becomes crystal clear that we should be like them in every way! We decide the time is now for change!  In fact, when we are done occupying something we immediately start seeking out snotty Elitists who “want to help” us be just like Europe.

The next step is we help these Elitists achieve positions of power for the sole purpose of bypassing our ability to say “no” to their ideas.  Then, we can go to the movies, download pirated music, smoke pot (for “medicinal” purposes) or shoot heroin in the park instead of expending any energy in paying attention… all the while demanding our right to everything for “free”.

As I type this I realize we have already become just like those awesome Europeans.  I’m going to go steal some music I have a right to, then go head to the park….