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All Eyes on Greece.

I hold that this implosion is intentional and has been planned for a very long time.

Now we wait for the Communists to release their bomb throwing, window breaking, ‘useful idiots’… who call themselves Anarchists.
These will be interesting weeks ahead.
The weather is nice over there right now.  It’s well-known that Anarchists don’t like the wind, rain and cold. (They melt.) So I predict the ‘rough work’ of Greek Know-Nothing Slackers to begin sooner than later.

And, as we demonstrate here in the United States regularly, nothing sheds light upon the evil of oppression like destroying your own stuff.

Grab the Ouzo.  Not the Retsina… it tastes like railroad ties.


Socialism is not about Force…

It’s for your own good.

AP post 061212:

BRUSSELS (AP) — The European Commission has been providing legal advice to others who are considering possible scenarios should Greece leave the euro, a European Union spokesman said.

Olivier Bailly said Tuesday that, legally, limits could be imposed on movement of people and money across national borders within the EU if it’s necessary to protect public order or public security  — but not on economic grounds.

“Some people are working on scenarios,” he said, but refused to confirm or identify which organizations and people were working on them.



It has always been about force.  Socialism has always been about controlling your production and preventing you from escaping the control of those in power.

How many more real world lessons and outright admissions do we need?

Where are all of the “nice” Liberals jumping to the defense of such plans?  I’m interested in the justifications and gymnastics offered.

If you’re not Anti-Socialist yet, let me point out that these are the “enlightened, nice” Socialists of Europe who are making these plans. This is the democratic socialism our homegrown Leftists dream about.  Do we really want these nice folks doing this here?  Apparently we do, as we have been electing these types of people and implementing their programs for years.

I know I’ve been on this topic regularly as of late… almost to the point of fatigue… but it is current.  It is happening right now, right in front of us, for all to see.

Time to head to the liquor store.