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Given the Enormity of the task one must feel somewhat sorry for President Barack Obama.

The Middle East is melting Down…
Health Care has been destroyed in the name of Fairness…
The Dollar has been devalued to the point of no return…
The Economy is in a shambles…
Unemployment is being manipulated to disguise records highs…
Detroit and other U.S. cities are Bankrupt…
We’re facing another War after failing to end the two we currently have…
The Right to Privacy has been completely dismantled…
Our Diplomats are being killed…
Mexico discovered the U.S. Government was up-arming their Drug Cartels…

Even the frequent, and expensive, parties hosting the Entertainment Industries Glitterati just doesn’t bring the Joy it once did.

It’s times like these that people turn to their Savior for guidance.

It’s times like these that test men’s souls.

So President Obama is doing the right thing by turning to He that knows all…

He’s asking “What Would Vladimir Putin Do?”

And then seeking council from his Advisors at CNN to find out.

Once he has been briefed by the Cable News Nets he then asks John Kerry to reach out to Vladimir.

Putin, knowing how difficult trying to be exceptional is, broadcasts his plans for President Obama and John Kerry to embrace.

Without a moments hesitation,

Turning to the President, Secretary Kerry says “Let’s go with that since everything I’ve got is unbelievably small.” In response, the President directs him to go out right away and claim he thought of it.

So Fear not.

We can all rest assured that the Russian President has the unfolding events well in hand.

It’s also now been reinforced… one does not need to be born in the United States in order to be it’s Leader.

Could They just be having a little Fun?

Is it possible that the Terrorist A-Holes are having a little fun with the United States?

Is it possible that they set out to determine the extent of which their lines of communication have been compromised?

The latest alert the public has been given which basically states “There could be a Terrorist attack, Somewhere at Sometime… we think, because they sure are talking a lot.” is as absurd as it sounds.

Of course there could be a Terrorist attack somewhere at sometime. This is always the case.

Nothing New Here.

Or is this an all out effort to save the NSA Domestic Spying program?

Might be both.

This Administration is desperately trying to tie the Domestic Spying Program together with our spying efforts abroad.

They are not connected.

They want you to believe terminating one spells doom for the entire program.

It does not.

The fact that having supercomputers read, and listen, to every electronic communication made by Innocent Americans is unconstitutional seems to escape far to many us. The added fact that all of your communications are being archived, just in case the Government decides you’ve done something wrong (like voting for the wrong party?  Not donating enough to the right one?  Saying something out loud which is just mean?  Starting a group that teaches people about the Constitution… oh, wait… they’re already doping that.) also seems to lack the frightening impact it should have.

Now we are learning that practically every agency has used this information.

It is being received with yawns…  and trial coverage of people who deserve nothing more than being ignored and forgotten, guilty or innocent.

This is just a thought piece.

I simply can’t explain how we have gone from proper outrage at such a discovery to acceptance to acquiescence in a few short weeks.

Scary… all of it.

July 4th in Egypt

It’s the Fourth of July in Egypt as of this very typing…

Let’s see what kind of Constitution they decide to put in place.

Sadly they have learned the lesson that Democracy is not the Answer first hand.

Let’s see if they opt for a Constitutionally Limited Democratic Republic.

I wish them success if they do.

Springtime for Morsi

“Dictatorship” is such a divisive word.

I won your hearts by over a third.

So I’m not one of those as you suppose… you voted for me, democratically.

Of course with that small formality out fo the way,

Now you just have to do what I say.


I might “detain” you, and do things to you where nobody can see. I might “disappear” you late one night, or “deport” you while keeping your family filled with fright.

Or, I might let you off in a more “Western” style with the use of forms and file, and just take all of your property by means of tax and levy… but you should know whatever I may choose, the West will smile at my enlightened approach to handling you.

I am not a Theocrat either, so don’t say such things. I support tolerance for all the forms of Islamic Practicing. I have learned this is best from your Secularists who cheer my approach of handling Allah’s followers without so much as a coach.

I am not afraid, there is no man from which I cower. I support the right of my opposition to protest my declared power. I have given them this right and all that comes with it, as long as they’re smart and don’t step in it… I’ll allow them this luxury with never a limit. This is a lesson the West is learning from me… and they smile with glee at my enlightened approach to handling those who believe… they are free.

I’m the Arab Spring, A Leader of a “new” Middle East… the latest Hot Thing.

This is Democracy…

and, Democracy for all…

Your United States paid for it… yes, every single taxpayer which means you… no matter your religion so even the Jews, so we thank you too for our funding anew.

Oh… and, Death to Israel… March them into the Sea!

PS.  Send us some more F-16’s.

Democracy Kills

Anagrams for Idiots?

Considering nobody can find the self-described “Israeli Jew Real Estate Developer” who purportedly created an anti-muslim film which is being blamed for fomenting violence in Cairo I want to play a game…
Supposedly this filmmakers name is Sam Bacile.

It could be offered that Sam Bacile is a poorly spelled anagram of “Imbeciles”. I propose it was too difficult to get an acceptable name out of Infidel or Great Satan.  (Stan Garate just doesn’t sound jewish enough?)

His age is 56… added together is 11. Following his 9 letter name is…
I know!  I know!… seriously, I’m not one of these people I swear.

But the profound stupidity of the 12 minute trailer posted on YouTube of this guys “film” demands an equally stupid exploration.

The number of clichés associated with Mr. Bacile is also funny if not ridiculous.
The story goes that his film was paid for by exactly “100 Jewish donors”, not 32 or 58 etc… he is a real estate developer, a career which is particularly western and prone to being viewed with disdain by ideologies who do not approve of both Capitalism and Property Rights… He’s not just a jew, he’s an “Israeli Jew”… And now nobody can find him…

I’m not implying this is a laughing matter.  It is not.
The execution of our Libyan Ambassador was well planned and not the kind of event which happens spontaneously. This is not the work of angry movie watchers demanding retribution for the 12 minutes of their life they will never get back. This is not the work of offended religious zealots outraged by the prohibited (and exceptionally poor) depiction of the Prophet Mohammed.

This is intentional, well planned, merciless violence.  The kind of violence perpetuated by those who hate America.  It has been on the drawing board for a significant amount of time and planned to coincide with 9/11.

Not only are Islamo-Fascists killing our citizens it’s my view they’re making sure to call us stupid at the same time.

The Sam Bacile thing is a Wild Ass Guess (This guy may be for real), but the above statement is not.  I’m sure I’ve had one too many… but it doesn’t change the fact that we cannot live in a world where we tolerate violence from “the offended”.

“Spontaneous” Anger

Yesterday our Ambassador to Libya and three embassy personnel were killed while trying to move to safer ground.

The 3 staffers were shot to death while the “protesters” got close enough to our Ambassador to suffocate him.  (I know our home-grown “Radical” Evangelical Christians do this kind of stuff everyday…but disregard that for the moment…)
Reading the stories this morning you might believe that spontaneous rioting occurred due to the purported filming of a movie not friendly to the Prophet Mohammed.  Not only that, but the fact that there is even a “reason” (read: excuse) offered by the press seems to warrant such an attack and execution of American citizens abroad.

The reality is these riots broke out yesterday… (Do I really have to remind anyone that yesterday was 9/11.) and large-scale riots across multiple countries such as Egypt and Libya take coordination.  The planning and preparation alone for these riots indicate the Arab spring may not have been such a brilliant endorsement by our diplomatic corp.

There is nothing “spontaneous” about it…
This comes on the heals of our President refusing to meet with the Prime Minister of Israel in just a couple of weeks and instead opting for an interview on The Late Show with David Letterman. I’ve personally seen Letterman twice and know how enjoyable Dave can be, but unless Quebec is melting down into an apocalyptic firestorm and only Paul Schaffer can stem the tide of total destruction, I would rethink my priorities.

But considering our President does not seem to prioritize like the rest of us it leads me to some questions;
Could it be that our current President has already decided he has lost the upcoming election? Could it be that he is tired of this job? Has he realized that his election almost 4-years ago was more style than substance and the voters did not endorse his vision of what the United States should look like? So, in the end… could he be asking himself “why should he care?”

(I started to think about this a couple of years ago when the number of trips, parties and golf outings increased exponentially while his attendance to cabinet meeting and briefings decreased at the same rate… it kind of felt like there was a concerted effort to get in as much “fun” as possible before they had to leave.)

So about those stupid Middle East Analysts…  and many Conservatives…
Yes, the crazies out there who warned that a Caliphate was on the immediate agenda of Islamic Radicals like the Muslim Brotherhood.  The same crazies who have been roundly chastised by our media may be correct after all… which leaves the question, will the media collectively apologize to these folks who saw it coming and sounded the warnings?  No, probably not.  But the press’ “go to” plan of action of ignoring the issue altogether when they get things profoundly wrong  will not work this time.
They will not be able to ignore what is happening in the Middle East… and we should not allow them to ignore how our President’s “best intentions” caused this the way they have been allowed to ignore how the “best intentions” of Clinton, Dodd and Frank destroyed the global economy setting the stage for this most recent out of control spiral in the Mediterranean.

There will be an attempted re-write of this chapter in history… we can’t accept that.  But make no mistake, the pencils are being sharpened as I type this.

So what is the truth?  Obama ran in front of this parade and took credit for it.  Ultimately you will find that your tax dollars subsidized a large part of it, and still does.  WE have allowed this to happen because WE refuse to recognize that politics is the most important thing in our lives immediately following taking care of ourselves.

Obama is a symptom of our complacency, and if you have ever uttered the words “all that political stuff doesn’t really effect me” you are watching first hand how it does, in fact, effect you.

If need be, set the beer down.  Then turn on a news cycle and make an effort to pay attention… for the rest of your life.  For the rest of us.


Be careful what you wish for…

Is it an “Arab Spring” or just a changing of the guard?
This is where populist/social democrats fall down. The establishment of pure democracy has never led to freedom. Historically it has given the population the opportunity to quickly vote themselves into tyranny and then justification to those in charge to do awful things to those who voted for them.
This isn’t theory… we have seen it many times from the Russian revolutions to Hitler’s rise to power. Examples are found throughout the pacific rim and as close as the America’s.
So why the excitement?

Because those helping with the destabilization and over throw of dictators can proudly say “we don’t do business with tyrants”… right up until they do.  And, they always do.

To date the U.S. has approached these situations with a certain mindset… find a population that’s receptive to the idea of republican democracy and capable of the transition, then give them aid. (Since there are a number of these, and we have limited resources, we have typically stuck to those with strategic value.)  Provide them the example to emulate.  Give them access to those who can help them achieve it.  Finally, and most importantly, give them time to do so.  Yes, it’s slow and uncertain.

Those populations not interested in, or not capable of, such a transition are monitored for a change in status.  Basically we watch their leaders attempt to control their exposure to the successes going on right next door. (Examples are Cuba, North Korea, the Middle East, Central America etc.)

But this is a new day!

Now our apparent tactic is Acceleration.  Statists are never content with allowing time for things to work.  This is always reflected in areas such as the economy (creating a Housing Bubble, with only the best of intentions of course) and now foreign policy.  “We just don’t have time to wait!”  (Apply this statement to any piece of the leftist agenda.)

So we have lent our aid to overthrow dictatorships casting discipline, reason and rational aside.  We have decided that it doesn’t matter if the population is capable of transition and instead of asking we have assumed that they would be willing to emulate our example.  When you look at the greatest failures of the Left it is always related to acceleration.  And, predictably, this stands to be no different.

What we are left with is hope that the “newly liberated” population demands that their country becomes receptive to republican democracy.

What they are left with is the turmoil, the death, and the cleaning up of the mess made all the harder by the spectre of failure as the new leaders tighten their grip.

The new boss is same as the old boss…  just better funded.

Why do the Statists have to repeat this lesson ad nauseam?

Faster is rarely better… ask your wife.