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Set Sail the Bipartisanshipp!

If (They retained them…  this was from 2014 but remains true.) the Republicans pull out Majorities in Both Houses…

Expect a renewed Scream for Bipartisanship to be heard ’round the World.

If you listen closely it is already starting.

Here’s how this goes;

Leftists gain power in two or more Branches of Government and they do whatever they can to move the United States closer to the Socialist Utopia of their Dreams.

Once Opposition to the Liberal Left gains enough power to prevent the Socialists from Moving Forward… the Leftists cry for Compromise and ‘Working Together’.

(You must come to terms with the fact that Socialists make up the Entirety of the Democrat Party and a Majority of the Republican Party in order to fully understand what I’m saying here.)

And as I have stated in the past, any compromise with Socialism is a Win for Socialism.  And they’ve been Winning in America for over 100-years.

The Progressives will continue to Plea for Hand-shaking, Golf Outings and Communal Lunches with their supposed Opponents right up until they regain the Power they Previously possessed.

Then it Starts all over Again.

I will refer you to Bipartisanshitt for my full opinion on this ridiculous cycle.

When we support “Getting Along”, we are supporting the Whole Sale Destruction of America as it was Founded.  We are Abandoning your Freedom and Liberty.

Working ‘Across the Aisle’ only gives the Party of Socialism what it wants… just a little slower than it wants it.

Look for this Hogwash coming to a news broadcast near you.

And when you do, remember that Compromise is what got us here.

I might just start a Drinking Game revolving around the Cry for Compromise.  But being perpetually intoxicated could be a bit much even for me.  Although….


I’m Already Smarter than You…

…so I don’t need to spend any time thinking about stuff. And, I certainly don’t need to consider the possibility that I might be wrong because that would be stupid… and I’m not stupid… you are.

This is the mentality of much of America. You have seen this for yourself.

It hit me when I was looking at a map of the states divided into red and blue representing Republican and Democrat votes for the last election. The very clever caption labeled the Blue states as “America” and the Red states as “Dumbf*ckistan”. I admit, I laughed. But it is a fantastic example of how important it is to Democrats/Liberals/Progressives to tell themselves that they are smarter than you. This delusion is truly the cornerstone of their belief system. It allows them to spend no time thinking while claiming to be the most intelligent person in the room and therefore possessing the moral high-ground in all things.

For those of us who have experienced it we will recognize the following;

I’m smarter than you because I live in… New York, Los Angeles, Portland, Austin, Boston, Maine or any place that has a high density of like-minded Leftists. (In fact, there is a hierarchy of geographic locations which make you instantly brilliant.  It Starts with anywhere OUTSIDE of the United States… Moscow, Paris, London, Rome, Beijing…  Overseas, even for a very brief period, seems to elevate your intelligence above others.  Just a visit appears to count.)

I’m smarter than you because I care more about the environment as demonstrated by… my recycling habit, my hybrid, my bumper stickers, my dreadlocks, my compost pile, my hemp shirt and eating only “organic”.

I’m smarter than you because of my love for animals, except those I don’t like.  You know, the not cute and furry ones.

I’m smarter than you because I believe the existence of humanity, within the United States,  is killing the planet by creating Global Warming… it feels true.

I’m smarter than you because I refuse to debate using reason, and by doing so I “win” every argument.

I’m smarter than you because I listen to my heart… not my brain, which in my case is historically unreliable.

I’m smarter than you because I expect people to cheat on their spouses… and it’s okay.

I’m smarter than you because I went to… Yale, Harvard, Rutgers, Community College etc.  Don’t ask me about my grades though, or try to engage me in your “poorly educated” debate over anything important.

I’m smarter than you because I don’t smoke cigarettes, only marijuana… which is completely different.

I’m smarter than you because I read a lot… kind of… okay, not really but I’ll tell you I do.

I’m smarter than you because I will never verify my “facts”.  And, as long as I don’t check them out they remain “true”.  In the rare instance where I might be wrong… you’re still stupid.  Both have to do with a combination of the uncertainty principle and quantum theory, but you didn’t go to the right school to understand, so never mind.

I’m smarter than you because I’m a “Progressive” which I think means superior, and calling myself that makes me so.

And finally, because I’m smarter than you, I’m better than you.  End of discussion… I win.

So you might as well give up trying to talk to these people… there is no hope, nor should there be an expectation of change. When you base your self-esteem on irrational and irrelevant variables you enjoy an exceptional imperviousness to logic… very Progressive indeed.  It must feel good.

Take a single day and see how many of these folks you can count.  You might be surprised.

(If we could carry around bottles of bourbon this could be a terrific drinking game.  Even better if you didn’t explain to these folks what the game was.  Might be a short day, but I don’t think you’d have to stray too far from home.)

I know this is a repost from 013113… but I just finished watching White House Spokesman Jay Carney and couldn’t help thinking about how stupid I am… and how drunk I should be.

6-Points Plus?

Obama’s 2008 win was labeled a Landslide, by many in the press.

It was also called “A Mandate for Change“.  (Well… we definitely got that.)

Keep in Mind, He won by a 6% point margin…

Anyway,  Media Bias is typically addressed only after the fact.  The screams come once the insult is suffered and then lives only briefly in the minds of those with other things to do.  This is a fact… and a complaint.

I have a suspicion however.  I think we are in for it this time around, or, as usual.  In other words, The Leftists will not go quietly.  And, they will certainly not admit defeat.

Here is a “Bias Prep” to ready your election night viewing come 10pm Eastern Time on Nov. 6th.

What will a Romney Victory of 6-Points or More be labeled by the Mainstream Media?

A Landslide?  A Mandate?  A Rejection of Socialism?  The Voice of the People?

Or will we here the Tired Bromide of Racism… or better yet, a “Temper Tantrum“…

I bring this up now because there is plenty of time before the election actually happens and because Romney by no means has this thing in the bag.  Even the clearly Republican engineered “Frankenstorm” designed to suppress the East Coast Socialist Vote may not help…  I knew there was a reason Republicans wanted us all driving SUV’s.

So file this post.  Let’s see how the press handles a Romney Victory should it happen.  (It will happen…)

The Drinking Game should revolve around the Excuses for such a victory.  (It certainly can’t be legitimate… what “journalist” knows anyone voting for Romney?)

I need to start roughing the game out… over a glass of wine.

I’m Going to Lose!

“I’m going to lose, I’m going to lose, I’m going to lose…” – President Obama

“He’s going to lose, he’s going to lose, he’s going to lose…” – Democratic Strategists

“Yes he is.” – Random Guy at Makeaneffort

But this isn’t just about Managing Debate Expectations of a President that is tethered to a teleprompter…

Let me ask you when in your lifetime can you recall a President, or any elected official for that matter, publically stating he may not do well in upcoming debates?  Take your time.

That’s what I thought.

This is about writing history before you can write it for yourself. This is about telling us why we think Barack Obama lost.  The Democrats, and their Media outlets, must control why you and the rest of the world believe the President was defeated.

After watching the last 72 hours of the news cycles I’m convinced that the President knows he is going to lose.  I don’t mean lose the debates, although he knows that too, I mean the entire election.  And, not only does he know that, the Democratic Party elites know that as well.

As we’ve talked about before, the Democrat Party will support Obama right up until they feel he will be defeated… and that time has come.  The long knives are out and this President will be thrust upon his failed foreign policy by his previously loyal Liberal allies… for the sake of the party.

You must understand why this is happening.  The Democrat party cannot allow this president to be defeated on the basis of his socialist economic views or his socialist approach to foreign policy.  In other words, yes, he will lose… but not because he is a Socialist.  That can simply never happen.

If the Democrats fail to control the narrative and the conversation turns to one of ideology, they know they will lose not only the presidency but their entire philosophical foundation.  That can also never happen.

So the full court press of message control and damage control is on.  It starts with this run up to the debates.

Obama will lose the debates… all of them.

You will be told he lost them because the Middle East has erupted into a cauldron of hatred and deeply seeded wish for the destruction of “the west”.  It will be positioned carefully that the situation “while outside of his control” occurred on his watch and the American people are holding him responsible because they just don’t understand.  (read: not smart enough to see what great president he is.)

The talking heads will do everything they can to move the economy to the back burner if not off of the stove completely.

Obama must be cast as a victim, in this case, of the world.

This now becomes all about Statist Party Preservation. While this presidents Ego is so large, and he has surrounded himself with just the right number of sycophants that tell him he can win, I do not think he is stupid.  He sees, just as I do, members of his party hitting the news nets and openly questioning his policies.  As I stated at the beginning of this key pounding, I have watched the press carefully this week.  It is clear to me that the rats are running down the ropes.

I invite you to do the same.  Begin to watch closely.  We effectively have 4-weeks until decision 2012… start looking for the Democrat Elder Statesmen, as well as random Liberal Spokespersons, to condemn this administration for its handling of the Benghazi attack and the current Middle East situation. Look for the same behavior on Fast and Furious which is back on the table thanks to Univision, not exactly a  bastion of conservation thought.  Remember, Obama will lose because of ANYTHING but being a Socialist.  (Pay no attention to the Republicans as I expect it from them… but specifically the Democrats who if not cheerleading should be very, very quiet this close to a Presidential election where their guy needs their support.)

Don’t miss the Debate on Wednesday night.  It should be worth it.  I’m going to count the “uh’s” and “um’s” as well as any other guttural pauses which may occur.  My record for a Obama speaking event is currently 161.  It keeps it interesting when they’re busy saying nothing.  Warning… do not make this a drinking game unless you plan to take the rest of the week off.

Ref: Throwing Obama from the Train

The Reasons Obama Lost.

It’s always fun to collect these ahead of time so you can laugh out loud on election night and the weeks after…

While we already know it will have nothing to do with the outright rejection of socialist ideas, here are my top five:

1.  You’re a racist… again.  (you took some time off and voted for Obama but now your back to your old, comfortable, ways.)

2. Anti-incumbant backlash. (You’re mad at everyone in office… not just leftists on both sides of the aisle.)

3. Poorly educated whites.  (this distinction is important.)

4. The economy. (with no further exploration of why the economy is bad)

5. You’re throwing a temper tantrum (one of my all-time favorites…you’re all children.)

Please feel free to add to my list, but do it quickly as I need to have this ready for my election night drinking game!