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A Great Foreign Policy Victory!

This morning, on the heels of White House Aides unveiling the New Policy Slogan “Stop Doing Stupid Sh*t.”, the Liberal talking heads hit the ground with examples of President Obama’s Foreign Policy Achievements. It’s a multi-point marketing message which starts with Iraq then follows up with Afghanistan, the Demise of Al Qaeda and, amazingly, includes Ukraine.

This pitch is being floated to see if it has legs… if so we should be hearing it for the next several weeks. If not, it will most likely die a quick death and some new, inane, message will be crafted by the sophomores in the White House for next week.

So let’s take a look at this latest shot.

Iraq… well, we are out. No question about that.
Afghanistan… we’re not really out but we’re out enough for it to be going downhill fast, just like Iraq.
The Demise of Al Qaeda… Not sure how anyone other than a Leftist talking Head can say such a thing with a straight face.  But, I expect it because President Obama personally shot and killed Osama Bin Laden.

But here’s where I looked up in dismay:


I kid you not. We are now being treated to the amazing victory the current administration has achieved by “denying the Russians the ‘eastern front’ of Ukraine.” by applying economic measures.  In other words… they were “only” able to Invade and take-over the entire South Western portion of the country.  (I’m not sure how you could get a ‘victory’ out of this.  I would probably advise my apostles to not bring it up.  But that’s why I’m not paid the big bucks.)

In the End I confess I like the latest Slogan.

I think “Stop Doing Stupid Sh*t” representing the Obama Administration is not only appropriate, I can get behind it.

May be this will be the Obama Doctrine.  They should consider this for their Domestic Policy doctrine as well.