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It’s Easier than Makinganeffort….

Something happened yesterday that motivated me to tap out this post. I wanted to do it right away, but yesterday was not a day to do that.

I wait no more.

My post yesterday (A Small Tradition), which is a re-post I put up every year, received a share from a blogger I will leave unnamed. His position on topics is not the motivation for this post. While I disagree with some, but not all, of his points, he seems to be an apt writer.

What has motivated this post is something I find particularly annoying.

My post was lumped into almost 100 posts which the Author is using to imply legitimacy to his point of view. (I read his post, which led me to throw this flag on the play, but not just at him.)

This approach of linking to anything and everything is what makes me angry… It’s an absurd, college freshman tactic, to appear educated and well read. (Some of us have been called onto the carpet for such behavior by a very specific Nun who was teaching a very specific English History 100 class.) That being said, I doubt this blogger has read more than one or two of the posts he linked to.

But he’s not trying to educate himself, he’s trying to shut down dissent. He doesn’t want to actually read the information he has linked to (read ‘cite’), he wants it to APPEAR he has read the 100+ posts and materials he has linked to.

I have a particular distaste for those who cite materials they haven’t read for two reasons… First, Someone has actually taken the time, and paid enough respect to the Author, to read that material. Second, on almost every circumstance the Elitist A-Hole citing said material fails to understand the Author’s point and thus makes the citation in a way that seems to bolster their point when in fact the Author, if alive, would probably have issued a cease and desist out of sheer anger.  (For the record, I have received a number of “certifications” provided by Individuals who quote Authors from Clausewitz to Jesus but had clearly not read the line before or the line after the citations they used to make their often insipidly incorrect points.  In other words, this foolishness extends beyond drunk monkeys posting their excrement because you’re all too far away to forcefully throw it in your direction.)

The practice is common, from the fools at Handgun Inc. writing completely bogus articles with no back-up what-so-ever, getting them published by their hack friends, and then “citing” those articles as fact 3-4 months later… to Ass Hats like this guy who does not want to genuinely think about what he is saying but wants you to think he thinks about what he’s saying.  He wants you to digest what his tapped pap with no critical thought.

Just Lap Up and then Shut Up.

In order for this Individual to appear informed and elevate himself above challenge, and suspicion, he links to everything that comes up on his preferred search engine employing nothing more than a few key strokes. This is supposed to pass for effort, research and understanding. It’s supposed to convey Depth and Intelligence.

It’s Hogwash.

But we are to blame.

We allow this to happen…
because we allow the tactic to work.

We allow this tactic to work…
because we also do not read anything, ever.

Believing these Charlatans…
Is Easier than Reading, Thinking and Understanding.

It’s Easier than makinganeffort.

Well, some of us do read.

Some of us do Listen Carefully.

Some of us promote Discourse and Challenge.

We should all strive to be those people.

The Anti-Wilson?

So Who is Dr. Ben Carson?

Anytime the Left comes out with a full-throated scream directed at any individual regarding their “inappropriateness” or “ridiculous statements” without actually addressing those statements on their merit I become interested.

Very Interested.

Since there has been discussion about Dr. Carson being considered to run for President, let’s take a look at this man… versus a Liberal favorite; President Woodrow Wilson.

Both President Wilson and Carson are Doctors.

Both Wilson and Carson are very religious.

Both are considered brilliant by their peers.

That seems to be where the similarities end.

First, and most obvious, President Wilson is dead… Dr. Carson is not.

Woodrow Wilson was a product of a time when “new” thought regarding sub-humans and their need to be led, or “prevented”, was widely accepted among the Progressive Elite.

Ben Carson is a product of Liberty, Freedom and Individual rights paired with Free-Markets and Personal Responsibility.  These ideas seems to be accepted by a minority of us.

President Wilson was an ugly Racist and horrible Elitist.  Wilson was the Father of Progressivism and is directly linked to the unmatched, unanswerable and uncontrollable Leviathan our Government now represents.  His belief in the biological inferiority of non-white races motivated his Liberal thinking.  His tenet that the masses must be told what to do in every way was empowered by his feeling of Intellectual Superiority.  He put is political opponents in jail.  He made speaking out against his Administration a crime. He was a Tyrant.

Doctor Carson does not seem to believe these things… in any way.  Not in his words, his actions nor his writings.

So… without such beliefs, will Doctor Carson be embraced by Leftists worldwide?

Will the Media see the logic of Doctor Carson’s proposed approach to Health Care for everyone?  Might the merits of his approach to taxes be honestly debated even though he’s not a trained community organizer?  Or, will his statement be referenced only in regard to it’s “appropriateness”?  (Is dissent Patriotic just not appropriate? Should we ask Hillary.)

If Doctor Carson continues to speak up it is my belief that he will be the nail which must be pounded down.

Good Socialists cannot have a nail that sticks out…  I say good Socialists because Dr. Carson happens to be black.  And, if you follow the Media complex a black person must, by definition, be a Socialist.  If not, they are not “legitimately” black.  Let me ask you, how do they view Clarence Thomas, Condoleezza Rice, Herman Cain, J.C. Watts, Thomas Sowell, Allen West, Colin Powell pre-Obama endorsement… idiots all!

Dr. Carson is about to find his life very uncomfortable if the brief 24-hour reaction to his prayer breakfast speech is any indication.  The only reason the long knives have not come out already is due to the “interruption” by a psychotic ex-cop on a killing spree and President Obama’s State of the Union delusion.

So what will be the narrative?

The Left Wing Media will tell you, ad nauseam, that Dr. Carson does not believe in Evolution.

This is true in so far as he has not ‘accepted’ it.  He has said as much.

If you haven’t heard this yet, you’re about to.  In fact, I’m willing to bet that will be all you hear about the Doctor.

But I would ask you to consider if his “unorthodox” views have prevented him from being successful in his career as a Pediatric Neurosurgeon?  Has it prevented him from being given over 60 honorary Doctorates from Schools around the World and a Congressional Medal of Freedom?  Has it encumbered his status as a Doctor and a Scientist?  I am not a organized religion kind of guy… but I do not think that one’s religion prevents them from working within a framework that prevents government from mandating religious tests in order to serve.

In other words, the Separation of Church and State.

And, if belief in Religion makes one “stupid”, I only wish I was as “stupid” as Dr. Carson.

But don’t expect any of the above to get in the way of the mean-spirited campaign of personal destruction which is about to be levied upon Dr. Carson from the Democratic Socialists, and their Useful Idiots, making up the Vast Left Wing Conspiracy.

Please accept my condolences in advance Doctor.