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They’re Serious!

Holy Cr#p Batman!

It has been enlightening to watch the hysteria of the media LEFT regarding Lugar’s loss to Mourdock in Indiana… a REPUBLICAN primary. Hysterical might be an understatement.
The leftist media’s (heartfelt) concern seems to be “could the day of reasoned compromise be over?” What they mean is, “is the day of republicans that see things mostly our way over?”
If the U.S. is going to recover from the disaster of 70+ years of compromise with socialists… then hopefully yes.
The fact that those who were endorsing Lugar the loudest were Liberals should be enough to remove any doubt that the republican party is rife with individuals who are indeed liberal regardless of what they call themselves. The fact that the electorate is waking up and educating itself which then leads to being able to identify such actors for what they are is not bad… it’s good.
The fact that the electorate is beginning to understand the fundamental principles this country was founded on and have decided that compromising these principles is exactly what has got us here is wrong… absolutely wrong… is good.
Voting out posers who have taken up valuable seats at the table of government and electing, or at least trying to elect, individuals who will not “see the light” of socialism in the hopes of getting re-elected is… good.
So the Left is now realizing that we’re serious.
Let the screaming begin.
Like a drowning man, he will thrash and yell and scream with absence of all reason while trying to drag all those around him down with him…