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Iomazenil anyone?

OK. Yes, I’m straying dangerously away from the reservation on this one. No, I have yet to begin drinking… “yet” is operative. Soon… very soon…
Typically I dismiss reported “increases” of tragic events such as small aircraft accidents and shark attacks. Usually the only increased occurence is that some editor decided to give a story prominence and subsequently other news room editors follow suit for a number of days or weeks… simply reporting what otherwise would go unnoticed.
However, I feel differently in regard to the second member of a flight crew “flipping out”. This event would never go unnoticed and given the proximity in time I find it more than a coincidence.
I’m going to float a very unqualified theory. We, as the rest of the world, have been experimenting with pro-psychotic drugs for years. This has been done for various reasons… some savory, some un-savory.  Iomazenil is one of a number of such drugs.
The questions I will pose are; If you want to bring down airplanes and can’t get aboard anymore, how would you do it? How do you get into a locked cockpit? How do you create terror on an airplane that cannot be detected quickly and stopped?
Drug the flight crew.
The drug would have to be slow acting and turn an otherwise trustworthy individual into a psychotic mess. The terrorist would have to have access to the crew at a time that they would be consuming something… anything… that such a drug (in an appropriate dosage) could be administered without them being aware of it.
The flight would need to be long enough to allow the drug time to take effect.
Iomazenil, or something in this class could be the answer. The below link will take you to a study utilizing Iomazenil.
While Iomazenil seems to only affect those pre-disposed to schizophrenia, who knows what it could do in higher doses or for that matter to those individuals who might have a very mild pre-disposition diagnosed as something else like Bi-Polar disorder or Depression.
Could this be a new approach by the bad actors?
OK doc’s… I know you are out there and I’m ready for you all to let me have it. Given that this is not my area of expertise… or anywhere close to it… I welcome you all calling me crazy – just tell me why.
If I were in charge of the investigations I might be interested in tox-screens to start, and then tracing back the crews immediate where-abouts prior to the flight. I would also be interested in other members of the crew as Iomazenil apparently has little or no effect on those without some type/level of schizophrenia. In other words they may have also been dosed with no ill effect.
Keep in mind, this is only for “fun” as I have very little understanding of these things… so this could all be creative writing.  Probably way too many spy novels!
I look forward to your responses.



Whether They Want To or Not.

Top official: Russians will ‘eat less’ for Putin

Jan 23, 8:18 AM (ET)


DAVOS, Switzerland (AP) — Russian Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov, speaking at the World Economic Forum in Davos, on Friday warned the West against trying to topple President Vladimir Putin and said that Russians are ready to sacrifice their wealth in Putin’s support.

Russia has for the past year been sliding into recession amid a slump in its energy export prices as well as Western sanctions against Moscow’s role in the conflict in Ukraine that has claimed more than 5,000 lives. Questions have been raised in Russia and abroad whether the price that ordinary Russians are having to pay for the annexation of Crimea is too high.

Shuvalov, who is believed to be one of the richest men in the government, said that what he considers the West’s attempts to oust Putin will only unite the nation further.

“When a Russian feels any foreign pressure, he will never give up his leader,” Shuvalov said. “Never. We will survive any hardship in the country — eat less food, use less electricity.”

Shuvalov’s comments triggered pithy remarks on Russia social media including an opposition activist who posted photos of Shuvalov’s Moscow, London and Austria homes to illustrate where the deputy prime minister would experience the hardships he described.

At the same panel in Davos, Putin’s long-time ally and former finance minister Alexei Kudrin said that Putin clearly thinks that Russia’s foreign policy interests at this point are worth the price the nation pays in higher inflation and the collapse of the Russian ruble.

Shuvalov, who worked with Kudrin until he resigned from the government in 2011, defended Russia’s foreign policy but warned that Russia is “going into a longer crisis” compared with 2008, when it was battered for about two years by the global crisis.

Shuvalov said Russia should focus on cushioning the economic fall through reforms and supporting the financial system. “It is going to get worse and the anti-crisis plan should be aimed at adapting to the hard landing,” he said.

Russia’s foreign currency reserves shrank by 2 percent last week alone to $379 billion as the Central Bank sold foreign currency in a bid to prop up the ruble.

Russians have a very Long, Sad History of ‘Eating Less’ and ‘Going Without Electricity’ for Mother Russia.  However, I cannot find a time where that was voluntarily embraced.  A Leader with the Power of Force was perpetually at the Helm.

There are many parallels to the past.  While I do not believe the past repeats itself, it does look more like a copy of a copy of a copy.

History degenerates into some similar but completely different Present.

The problem is it just turns out to be a different ‘bad’.

Please Continue Devaluing the Dollar

Please keep taxing the American People in a way they cannot understand…

Please keep making their hard-earned savings worth less and less by adding more money to the money supply…

Please keep using terms like “Quantitative Easing” instead of “Printing Money” just to make sure everyday American’s never catch on…

Please keep doing what the Germans did to their economy before WWII… and Zimbabwe… and many others where greedy Socialists couldn’t keep their hands off the money supply…

Please keep thinking we are too stupid to understand what you are doing, let alone make decisions for ourselves…

Thank you for your devoted work.