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We, Americans, Must Show Tolerance Now…

… More than Ever for the Senseless Slaughter of our Men, Women and Children by otherwise Peaceful Islamo-Fascists with clearly stated designs on Controlling the World.

We know it is within us as We have performed this favor, with Determination, on behalf of Socialism over the last 100-years. Why would we allow another Elitist, Bigoted, Homophobic, Misogynistic, Statist Ideology be treated differently?  Of course, we simply can’t.

Mr. President, for almost a decade you’ve made it clear we should not.

The World will always look to The United States for Leadership… and Citizens, Non-Citizens and those Oppressed Individuals lacking Documentation, of The United States look to You for the same.

I implore you, Mr. President, Demand we Understand and be Accepting in these most confusing of times by Demonstrating to the World that Acquiescence is the only Path to Peace.

“If not Us, Who? If not Now, When?”

Remember that Mr. President?


Are we Scrapping Any Semblance of Constitutional Government?

Since When can a President Declare, Decree or Demand a Private Entity do something Illegal?

The President of the United States and his Party crafted Legislation requiring Health Insurance Companies to do exactly what they are doing when cancelling Health Plans of American Citizens.

Now President Obama is demanding they break the law.

How is this possible in a Constitutional Republic? Or are we finally abandoning the façade?

Do we have a King?  A Dictator?

Is President Obama Channeling Hugo Chavez?

Or is this just another attempt to try to blame the Insurance companies for the Obama Care regulations they are being forced to carry out?  Is the President trying to buy a little more time for the entire system to implode so he can “rebuild it” with Single Payer… which was the goal in the first place?

Where are the Insurance companies defending themselves?

Where are the Republicans?

Where are we?