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Mexico’s Greek Problem

The Greeks are causing problems Everywhere!

If they’re not supposedly Raping College Coed’s, they’re screwing it up for North American Socialists.

So there I was killing a little time reading Lenin’s pamphlet “Imperialism, The Highest Stage of Capitalism” where he referenced Calwer’s book “An introduction to World Economics” and it dawned on me.  Since nothing is new… the citing of 19th century world power and wealth accumulation struck me as oddly relevant to the globe of 2015.

Climbing into the ‘way-back’ machine and ending up in the early nineties you would see many of us decrying the idea of an EU. We did this not because we feared the brilliant long-term success predicted for such a move towards the One World Socialist Utopia, but rather because we knew it would lead to economic instability throughout the world… exactly opposite of what those supporting the idea promised.

We were out in the wilderness attempting to explain to the handful of people who would listen that Huge mistakes could now be made by an entity so large… and the ramifications would be catastrophic.  We saw this with the EU insatiable appetite for US Junk Debt in the form of derivatives, and the subsequent economic meltdown of 2008 as a result.

But I must also give a nod to a secondary concern, that being the short-term success at combining all of these desperate countries into one large, for all intents and purposes, Nation.

It was the North American Socialists drive to do the same with the United States, Canada and Mexico.

This is still on the wish list of many Leftist Politicians and the legislation/treaties required are sitting in someones drawer waiting for the right time to be offered up to the American People… or simply Forced Upon Us as was Obamacare.

So let’s travel back to today…

Greece is about to sink the EU. And if not Greece, Spain and Portugal are waiting in the wings watching closely the events and waiting their turn to hold the rest of the EU hostage.

I will offer that the exit of Greece from the EU, read default, will set back the Socialists dream of an ‘Amero’ 50 years. I cannot say they will give up their attempts to destroy Freedom, Liberty and Free Exchange, as they never have. But the very events in Europe we are watching today are unwelcome by the Global Statists as it clearly demonstrates the fragility of monopolies as well as the futility of government planning.

Everybody cheats… including countries.

There are the Makers (Such as Germany) and the Takers (Such as Greece, Spain and Portugal).

The Takers are not interested in making an effort to be responsible for their actions and expendatures.

The Makers will always find themselves enabling the Taker’s addiction to spending and lethargy.

Self-interest will never be removed from the Human Condition… thank God.

Because of that, we are watching the dissolution of yet another Great Socialist Plan right before our eyes.

Luckily this is happening before the Untied States was convinced, or Pushed, into the same such agreement with our neighbors to the North and South of us.

If you are anything like me and read the stories coming out of Europe while wondering why the EU is trying so hard to keep the Greeks in the Club… it’s because the very legitimacy of Socialism is riding on a Healthy, Vibrant EU.

But what Socialists around the world simply cannot embrace is their very Governing Theory is poisonous… and the arrival of Death, Destruction and Oppression is only a matter of time.  The results of Force and Acceleration in the name of Administration will always be failure.  It’s simply to what degree.

So it is True.

The Greeks are indeed causing havoc Around the World.

However, the only people getting Raped are the Member Nations of the EU.

But they were asking for it.

I mean really… have you seen the way they dress?


Post the Bill!

In a Bipartisan Move the House of Representative should deliver on Barack Obama’s promise of the Most Transparent Administration in History.

It’s Time for the House of Representatives to Go to the People.

Whatever Bill they come up with on this eve of coming face to face with the debt limit they should post it online for all to see.

I believe I can speak for all of us when I say “We will Read It”.

Then, when the Senate begins slicing and dicing it, adding poison pills and changing the language, they House should modify the online post to reflect the change is (while leaving the previous language crossed out) and who is responsible for it… real-time.

Allow the American People to see what is going on.

And, prevent genuinely horrible Socialists like Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid from charging up to the podium and declaring the bill dead on arrival because is terrible for the country and the people advocating it are terrorists… when none of us know what’s in the bill.

Not only would it allow us to judge for ourselves if what’s in the bill is truly “terrorism” as the Progressives like to describe anything which is anti-socialist, but it would allow for far more interesting questions posed to the likes of Pelosi, Reid and the President after they are finished with their inflammatory rhetoric.

By golly, if I’m the Boston Strangler I want at least to know why.  Now THAT would be some faith and good credit.

Of course The House would have to step around Peter King and John McCain… because that’s just not how things are done in their preferred type of government.

It takes two to Ponzi.

Today the U.S. Postal Service will default on its retirement obligations.

And, who is to blame?  Well, Congress of course.

The NALC has issued a statement blaming congress for its default. The statement can be found here: http://www.nalc.org/news/latest/2012-07-27_default.html

One might ask; “What did Congress do to force a default of the Postal Services obligations?”

One might reply; “Great Question!”

Congress passed legislation forcing what is called “pre-funding” of the Postal Services Retirement Benefits.  The rest of us call this “saving so we can retire”… but I digress.

The Postal Service Union (NALC) leader Fredric Rolando is angry because no other government entity has such rules enforced upon them by law.

While I agree with him… it IS wrong, I’m not sure we would find ourselves in total agreement.

Mr. Rolando feels that these requirements should be lifted so he can run the same Ponzi schemes the rest of our government conducts each and every day.  That seems “fair” to him.

As you might suspect, I would propose that all government entities have such rules enforced by law placed upon them so they cannot play the Ponzi game ever again, or people go to jail.  That seems “fair” to me.

This is a terrific example illustrating the stark, cavernous, differences between governing theory.

On one side you have the wailing and gnashing of teeth over having to be fiscally responsible and meet their budget.  In other words, “it’s not fair we can’t waste taxpayer money like everyone else!”

On the other side (my side) you have a group of representatives who having placed a fiscally responsible plan in place years ago who are looking at their “child” and with folded arms saying “What are you going to do about it now?”

It is valuable to understand who people like Mr. Rolando are.  These are the people currently running the country.  These are the people at the highest levels of our bureucracy… they run the GSA, the EPA, the State Dept., the Treasury, the DOD etc.  These are the people you can find making up an entire Democrat party and much of the Republican party… although this is changing.  These are the people with exactly the wrong mindset to be involved in any way with our money or our future.

The bottom line?

The Postal Service needs to meet their obligations or default.  No bail out.  If it is to survive it must be overhauled by individuals like Fed Ex’s Fred Smith or others who demonstrably know how to do it and absolutely not associated with any Union.

It’s time to pull our heads out of our Collective rear ends and think.  (As your rear end is where your head always ends up when you give legitimacy to any Collective idea…)

It’s time to reward those Letter Carriers who perform well and allow those that do not to find more fulfilling work.  Simple.

It’s time to stop making promises you know you’ll never be able to deliver but you wont be around to have to… Union Leaders… and some business leaders (GM comes to mind).

It’s time to care about the wasting of our tax dollars on idle people sitting and waiting for their bloated pensions.

This is a lesson for all of us in every sector.

Yes, I will be sad if the Postal Service goes away… how will I light my fireplace without my mandatory allotment of (ie. I can’t cancel deliver of… I have tried.) crap that the Postman shoves into my mailbox?