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Deceleration Trauma

It’s not the Fall that Kills You…

The Obama campaign has found religion… and they’re hoping to be saved Monday night.

This is it folks. There has been no bounce. There have been no victories.

Libya will not go away.
The Middle East has become the forge of radicalism.
Europe is facing a new brand of Fascism as the Phoenix from its ashes.
China is fighting its own internal problems and busy Hating the Japanese anew.
The Koreas are inches away from trading fire.
The Russians are finding their feet under a familiar governing theory.
And, The Iranians will very soon have the bomb.. and ready to march Israel into the sea.

This last Debate is about Foreign Policy…

How has the Liberal approach to the world been working out for us?  It seems being Nice just isn’t worth the respect it used to be.  The “do unto others” clause appears to be missing from the worlds major moral missives.

It’s all about the stop.

We’re about to stop.

Who do you want in charge?  Who has aided in our being here?  What ideology is responsible for the state we are in?  These are the questions you should be asking yourselves during this debate.

If president Obama can’t pull one out here… it’s over.

The Global Situation will be the same, but we’ll have a new Commander.