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I Believe Hillary.

Looking back over Mrs. Clinton’s tenure at the State Department it appears to me entirely possible that she did not deal with any classified information.


And, Our U.S. Foreign Policy seems to reflect, and lend credibility, to her claim…

Benghazi, and a Video which supposedly Murdered our Diplomat
Up-Arming Mexican Drug Cartels
The Middle East Meltdown and Rise of ISIS
North Korea getting Nuclear Weapons
Iran soon to follow
A Deteriorating relationship with Israel
Russian Invasion of Ukraine after ‘Reset’ button Diplomacy
China Building Military bases in the Philippines

And, I believe John Kerry is following along in her comfortable shoes.  Hopefully he has a Personal Server being ‘guarded’ by the Secret Service.

However some remain skeptical.

As for me… I’m Ready!

Clinton-Bush 2016!

I wonder who the Republicans will run?